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Cooney sympathizes with Smith on personal leave
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Cooney sympathizes with Smith on personal leave

Adam Cooney believes that anxiety among athletes is normal, as is the nature and function of professional sportspeople.

The 2008 Brownlow Medallist commented on the news that Bailey Smith, a Western Bulldogs youngster, had stepped aside from football to take an indefinite leave.

Smith has reportedly taken leave from his club for personal reasons. It is understood that Smith has the full support and backing of his club.

The 21-year-old is a popular player in the AFL, with a large number of social media fans. However, this does not mean that the 21-year-old will be able to have a smooth ride when it comes to mental health.

Cooney said that it is quite common for pro athletes to feel the pressures of being a professional athlete.

Even in a team environment, you can feel isolated. Cooney stated that he would not know of a professional athlete who didn’t experience anxiety. SEN Breakfast.

Because of the high-pressure and high-stress environment, this is part of the job. Some might say that AFL footy is a great way to make a living. You get paid a lot, you keep fit, and you’re well-respected.

There is also the stress and pressure that comes with it. Anxiety is a common problem in elite sports players.

It is part of the environment to be aware of.

Smith is not only facing personal issues but reports suggest that Smith is also dealing privately with family matters.

Should he close down his social media platforms in an effort to be more anonymous and less visible?

Cooney added that Nup can not be if he does not want to.

If that’s a part of him, and that’s the side of his life he wants to share, then he can do what he wants.

You will be praised and put under pressure if you do.

He has to be able to see that when you are number one in AFL followed, then all of the other aspects of your life become part.

Smith has not shied away form the mental battles that he has faced early in his career. He revealed this in an interview with AFL MediasDamian Barrett admitted earlier this year that he gets anxious and struggles with his mental health.

The Bulldogs will support and reintegrate the talented midfielder into pre-season training, when he is ready.

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