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Cop26: US must ‘deliver to get credit’ on climate crisis, says Ocasio-Cortez- day eight live | Environment
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Cop26: US must ‘deliver to get credit’ on climate crisis, says Ocasio-Cortez- day eight live | Environment

Severin Carrell


Only a small fraction of Cop26 delegates have tested positive for Covid-19, largely due to the “exceptional” measures taken to limit infections, the Scottish government has said.

John Swinney, deputy first minister, spoke to MSPs Tuesday only 0.1% of delegates with passes for the summit’s ‘blue zone’ tested positive by Friday last weekThis is the period that covers the first week of events. He said that a complete update would follow after the summit ends.

Delegates must register and complete daily lateral flows tests; provide evidence of their results; show proof of vaccination certificates; and observe distance at events. These measures contributed to the long lines and delays in getting into the conference area last week.

Swinney said that the event, which could result in Covid infection rates increasing again, was being closely watched.

“Covid-19 has presented significant challenges to staging this unique event. The worldwide appeal and scale of Cop26There is a risk of spreading Covid-19 within delegates as well as to or from the UK’s local population.

“A comprehensive and exceptional package of mitigation measures has been in place to ensure the event is delivered safely, helping to protect the welfare of everyone involved and the wider community.”

The speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy PelosiJust recently, he was (you guessed right) speaking at an event attended both by the press and US Congresspeople.

“This is all about the children,” she says. “Leaving a world where they can be healthy, more secure, and more in reach of their fulfilment.”

Above is a live feed.

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It’s a glorious sunny afternoon outside the summit venue as the band strikes up for an impromptu ceilidh (Scottish or Irish social gathering) organised by Extinction Rebellion Scotland.

Libby Brooks

Bravo for your efforts at the⁦@ScotlandXr⁩Ceilidh outside #cop26Summit right now

November 9, 2021

The patient caller guides international crowd through steps to the Gay Gordons Dance just as the Welsh Kitchen sets up at XR events around the city. Today it’s cottage pie on the menu.

US must ‘deliver to get credit’ on climate crisis, says Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic Congresswoman, has warned that the US “has not recovered our moral authority” following the Donald TrumpMany years.

Ocasio Cortez spoke at a Cop sideline event. She was one of a group Democrats who hailed Joe Biden’s efforts to tackle the climate crisis. But while she said America “is back” in the climate conversation, the Congresswoman said this needs to be matched by actions.

“We have to deliver to get credit on climate change, it’s as simple as that,” she said.

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(Leaving the press conference, which is now over, here is a bit of political drama by our Scotland editor. (*()Severin CarrellThe Greens leader of Brighton and Hove city council has apologised for “a major failure of judgment” after flying from London to Glasgow, where he lambasted the UK government for ineffective action on climate change at the

summitCop26Phelim MacCafferty, who also co-chairs the council’s carbon neutrality working group, admitted he took the flight instead of going by train on Friday, arguing he was worried about warnings that rail travellers faced delays that day.

MacCafferty represented Brighton & Hove at an event to present Glasgow’s declaration on climate. Greta Thunberg was also there, and she was part of the Saturday mass march through the city. Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, traveled by train to Glasgow.

Cllr Phélim Mac Cafferty

We need world leaders to transform land use and to limit emissions from food and agriculture if we want to see real change at COP26

My speech with global cities from this morning
To present the Glasgow Food and Climate Declaration@COP26He was challenged by the Brighton Argus newspaper about his travels. “This decision to fly was a major failure of my judgment which goes against my political group’s pledges and principles and I unreservedly apologise,”

November 6, 2021

. he told the paper“I reluctantly took this very difficult decision because I was concerned about the unreliability of the rail network following the well-publicised difficulties experienced by many people wanting to travel by train to Glasgow the week before, when trains were cancelled.

“I was concerned that this would happen again and I felt it was important not to miss the opportunity to attend the important presentation on behalf of the city, lobby world leaders and share with others the innovative work taking place in Brighton and Hove.”

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3.30pm GMT

Scientists have warnedThe CAT analysts also found a significant gap between what countries have promised to do about greenhouse gas emissions and the actual plans. If current policies, measures, and goals are considered, it will be easier to achieve them.

Heating would rise up to 2.7CBased on the CAT analysis.You can read the entire report here

Oliver Holmes

.other organisations published more optimistic forecasts of 1.9C or 1.8CHowever, those estimates were based on long-term goals set out by countries including India, the world’s third-biggest emitter, which is aiming for net-zero emissions by 2070.

The CAT however, based its analysis on

countries’ short-term goalsFor the next decade.Bill Hare, chief executive of Climate Analytics (one of the organisations behind CAT), explains why long-term targets can be misleading.

We are concerned about the portrayal of certain countries.

As if 1.5C was in the bag. But it’s not, it’s very far from it, and [Cop26]They are downplaying how important it is to set short-term targets by 2030, as per 1.5C.Niklas Höhne, an author of the report, said:

Countries’ long-term intentions are good, but their short-term implementation is inadequate.

We can make promises for the near future, but we cannot guarantee them.

We need to make immediate and drastic changes over the next few years. To avoid disaster.Last Updated

At 2.04pm GMT

Oliver Holmes

. It’s very bad news.the results are inThe Climate Action Tracker (CAT), the world’s most respected climate analysis coalition, has announced that

Temperatures will rise to 2.4C by the end this centuryBased on the Goals for the short-termCountries have agreed to .Cop26That is.

Global heating at an alarming level far in excess of the limits in the Paris climate agreement, despite a flurry of carbon-cutting pledges from governments at this year’s UN summit.At that level, widespread extreme weather – sea level rises, drought, floods, heatwaves and fiercer storms – would cause devastation across the globe.

A reminder: the Paris accord aspirations were of “well below” 2C upper limit, and the much safer 1.5C limit.

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at 2.29pm GMT

Climate Action Tracker.What’s that?


  • is the world’s most respected climate analysis coalition, providing independent reports to policymakers since 2009.CATWhat does it do exactly?

It monitors and measures government climate action, and since 2015, it has been able to measure it against the internationally agreed

For the first time, rich and poor countries joined together in a legally binding treaty pledging to hold global heating to well below 2C, the scientifically-advised limit of safety, with an aspiration not to breach

Soon, you will find out.

  • I’m

I will take over the blog. I’ll be with you for the rest of the day. If you see anything you think deserves a spot on here, email me at: [email protected]Oliver Holmes

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