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Create a welcoming environment for transgender people

Create a welcoming environment for transgender people

Strawberry Mendoza, Transcend founder, stated that there is a need for it even if only three to four of us get together once a month. 

Transcend began in 2016 with Strawberry Mendoza’s declaration of her non-binary Transgender status. But, Strawberry was not alone, their parents were there, by their side the whole time. 

“We had to put Transcend on an halt,” Mendoza stated. 

Unexpectedly, Strawberry lost his father to a stroke. He was also one of the original founders. Strawberry took care. 

Mendoza stated that there were a few people who wanted to know when Transcend would return. 

The group was then reestablished in October 2021. They meet once a month at the First Congregational United Church of Christ. The group has 10 members, and it’s making a difference for them. 

Mendoza stated, “It can sometimes be hard to find those friend group that are super accepting of supportive and to go those places where you know everybody will be friendly and they’re likely to understand your story in a certain way.” 

Strawberry, it sounds as though your parents were very supportive of the idea of you starting this group. How does it feel to be able to give back to your family and to have that support? Devin Martin asked. 

Mendoza said, “It’s great to know that I had enough support from my family to be able give that love, and that support to those who may need it most,” 

And this push to make a difference Strawberry says is paying off.

“We are here, and we exist here. Mendoza stated, “It’s important that people understand that just as everyone else we face those struggles or those obstacles.” 

Transcend provides a clothing closet that is available for transgender people. It can be used to store any clothes that might be needed to reflect their gender identity. 

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