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Earth Day 2022: A Call to Action
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Earth Day 2022: A Call to Action

Every day is Earth Day for the Environment Initiative of the University of Oregon

The UOs have a number of areas they are interested in: Climate change, sustainability and energy and decarbonization; water, indigenous sovereignty, ecological entrepreneurship, biodiversity and social change through environmental educational. Environment InitiativeExplores in a crossdisciplinary dynamic, with eight colleges and more that 140 researchers.

Earth Day, which is celebrated every April 22nd, marks the birth and evolution of the modern environmental movement. It brings to light the efforts of the initiative.

The Office of the Provost has made this initiative one of its strategic priorities to transform research at the university. This involves looking at real-world societal problems and using a crossdisciplinary approach. They require collaboration between researchers from all disciplines as well as community partners.

The Environment Initiative addresses perhaps the most pressing challenge of our time by shifting academic imperatives, integrating multiple ways to know, and taking on the largest challenge of our time. Every scholarly field has something to offer and can bring a wide range of expertise to the moment, from the humanities and the social sciences to the natural and business sciences, journalism, law, journalism, design, education, and law.

Adell Amos, executive director, stated that it is always surprising to see the breadth and depth of ongoing activities related to the environment being undertaken by the UO community. Our engagement is essential to our authentic participation in the country, the ecoregion, and the world as a public university that teaches, explores, and serves.

The initiative brings together research from all over Oregon and around the globe. The Glacier Lab, which is a social science-humanities approach to studying glaciers The Oregon Hazards Lab, which uses science and technology to understand, monitor and mitigate multiple types of hazards in the Pacific Northwest; andEnvironmental Leadership Program.

Earth Day’s ideas are at the heart of initiative. Find out more about Earth Day’s research, news, and events. InstagramAnd Twitter.

Initiative for the Earth

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