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Earth Week: NVI NewRoad® Asphalt Additive Offers Durability, Environmental Benefits

Earth Week: NVI NewRoad® Asphalt Additive Offers Durability, Environmental Benefits

ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–State and local governments can stretch the historic $110 billion federal outlay for roads and bridges while also addressing some of the nations most pressing environmental challenges, an authority in asphalt additives noted.

Mark Beeman, president and CEO of Orlando-based Orlando-based, made Earth Week comments. NVI Advanced Materials GroupAccording to NVIAMGs NewRoad asphalt additive made from recycled plastic, asphalt can last up to 50% longer. This is a boon both to taxpayers and capital improvement budgets.

NewRoad also keeps plastic, one the most problematic pollutants in the world, out of landfills and waterways, and reduces carbon emissions from asphalt production.

The bipartisan, $1 trillion federal budget includes road and bridge work. Infrastructure Investment and Jobs ActBeeman stated that this was the largest such effort since the interstate system’s construction in 1956-1992. It is a significant moment in our nation’s history and can be made even more important if we take the necessary steps to make the most of the resources.

Taxpayers are keen to save money and address the twin environmental challenges of climate change and plastic pollution. Beeman said that NewRoad is one tool that can help address both.

NewRoad asphalt significantly extends road life and reduces future carbon emissions. NVIAMG never experienced a breakdown in NewRoad asphalt in more than five consecutive years in different climates in the United States.

NewRoad is made of recycled plastic from residential, industrial, and commercial sources. It transforms grocery bags into a product that does not harm the environment. NewRoad, which is the equivalent of 15,000,000 water bottles, was used in the Des Moines metropolitan area last year.

NVIAMG saves on the carbon emissions associated with virgin plastic by using plastic already in use.

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Beeman stated that durability, sustainability, affordability and affordability are the key ingredients for these projects. NewRoad is a great way to achieve those goals.

NewRoad can be found on state and local highways, in cities, and in sprawling parking lots at tech companies server farm farms. It is also used at major car dealerships.

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