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Endless West Partners with NonProfit One Tree Planted to Rebuild US Forests, and Positively Impact The Environment

Endless West Partners with NonProfit One Tree Planted to Rebuild US Forests, and Positively Impact The Environment

It was founded by scientists in 2015. Alec LeeEndless West and Mardonn Chua use a revolutionary, technology-driven method to create molecular spirits. Its products have dramatically improved sustainability, scalability, and helped to alleviate many of the industry’s supply-chain challenges. Endless West is the company that launched this technology in spirits. This technology identifies key flavor molecules (or notes) and extracts them from more efficient sources in nature, including fruits and plants.

“Endless West was founded” CaliforniaAs a more sustainable spirits company. One Tree Planted’s new partnership is a natural step in reducing our environmental impact,” said Alec LeeEndless West CEO and cofounder. Glyph has a product that consumers love. It uses 94% less water, 92% more agricultural land, and emits 87% fewer CO2 emissions than traditional whiskey production processes. They can now feel even better knowing that every bottle of Glyph is helping the environment.

One Tree Planted says that planting trees is one of many best ways to fight the harmful effects of climate change. Trees can help clean the air we inhale, filter our water, and provide habitat for more than 80 percent of the earth’s terrestrial biodiversity. One Tree Planted trees are planted in areas where there has already been deforestation by local partners and community volunteers.

“Endless West has been a pioneer in the spirit industry and we are excited to partner with them as part their sustainability program,” says Matt HillOne Tree Planted’s Founder and Chief Environmental Evangelist. Endless West’s commitment is a great example of how everyone can contribute to the positive environmental impact made by companies all over the world.

The Endless West
Endless WestA beverage technology startup that uses scientific methods to create its own blends of spirits. Glyph is its first spirit. It was made using pure molecules (or flavor or aroma notes) from more efficient natural sources. Glyph is produced without the traditional inputs of barreling, aging, or barreling, which means that less wood, water, or land is required in its production. Glyph was founded in 2015 Alec LeeMardonn Chua is the company’s headquarters in San Franciscoand has raised $95 millionIn total funding to date. For more information, please visit

Endless West also offers customized B2B alcohol solutions through the one-stop shop for commercial alcohol producers Blank Collective. Blank Collective produces private label alcoholic beverages, bulk spirit, and alcoholic concentrates using cutting-edge technology. Blank Collective also offers a full-suite branding, product development, manufacturing services, and other support to customers looking to launch their own spirits brands.

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About 1 Tree Planted
One Tree Planted is an 501(c),(3) non-profit organization with a mission to make it easy for anyone to help the planet by planting trees. Reforestation can help rebuild forests after floods or fires, create jobs, and restore biodiversity. Many projects have overlapped objectives, which creates a combination that contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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