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Environment Agency Abu Dhabi rescues more 200 sea turtles

Environment Agency Abu Dhabi rescues more 200 sea turtles

We are delighted to include the rehabilitation a Olive Ridley Sea Turtle as part of our efforts. This is a sign the UAE has a lot of biodiversity and something we hope to preserve for future generations.

EAD is intensifying its efforts to conserve and protect native wildlife, as a result of the increasing number turtles being stranded in Abu Dhabi’s waters each year. They have also increased their staff and invested in new facilities. This shows that they are committed to providing more efficient and effective rehabilitation of rescued wildlife, with a special focus on sea turtles.

Beatriz Maquieira is the Curator at TNA. Beatriz Maquieira added: Sea turtles rank among the most migratory species on the planet. Abu Dhabi’s waters are home to two of the seven endangered turtle species, the Hawksbill Turtle (critically endangered) and the Green Turtle (endangered). We want to continue providing the best care possible for these turtles, as there are over 5,000 of them in Abu Dhabi.

TNA and EAD signed a MoU in 2020 to create the Wildlife Rescue Programme. This mission is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing native wildlife from Abu Dhabi. This alignment of objectives has led to the successful rescue, rehabilitation, release and rehabilitation of many turtle species back into the Arabian Gulf. This includes rarely seen Loggerhead turtles. It also helped with the ongoing and successful rehabilitation of their most recent rescue, an Olive Ridley Turtle. This turtle is the second-smallest sea turtle in the world.

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TNA and EAD collaborated in 2021 to rescue and rehab 250 sea turtles. 150 turtles were released back into oceans and three were satellite tagged. The rescue of more 200 turtles last summer was followed by additional release events. The turtles will be released back into Arabian Gulf soon. The National Aquarium will be showing the rescues before the release.

TNA is the Middle East’s largest aquarium and EAD is the Middle East’s largest environmental regulator. It makes sense that these two organizations have teamed up to create the Wildlife Rescue Programme, the largest of its kind in the Middle East. Their determination to be the best wildlife rehabilitation centre in the Middle East keeps them focused on the rescue of sea turtles in Abu Dhabi.

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