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Environment Agency issues flood warning for Leicestershire river

Environment Agency issues flood warning for Leicestershire river

Following days of rain, the Environment Agency has issued flood alerts for River Soar in Leicestershire.

Residents and drivers were warned today that water levels are rising in the Sileby-Mountsorrel area and that more rain is expected in the coming days.

This morning, the agency released a statement saying “Be prepared.” Due to heavy rainfall, river levels at Pillings lock have risen.

You can find more news from Loughborough from LeicestershireLive right here.

“Consequently, flooding has begun on roads and farmland this morning.

“Low-lying agricultural lands and roads are most at risk, including Slash Lane in Sileby and Mountsorrel Road to Sileby.

“Further rain is forecast through today. We are closely watching the situation.

“Please plan your driving routes so that you avoid low-lying roads near rivers which may be flooded. Also, avoid using low-lying footpaths close to local watercourses.

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