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Environment Agency’s Dave Throup will retire
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Environment Agency’s Dave Throup will retire

Malvern Gazette: Environmental Agency manager, Dave Throup, looking over the river Severn in Worcester.

FLOODexpert in Worcestershire has announced his retirement as Environmental Agency Manager.

Dave Throup has served this role for 22 years. He is so beloved that he had a fan club in his honor after the serious flooding of 2014.

He will be retiring from his long career in December 2021.

The announcement was made by Dave on his official twitter account. It quickly gained close to 1,000 likes and comments from locals who shared their thanks.

Dave expressed his appreciation for the support and encouragement shown.

It has been very inspiring to see all the kind messages.

I have done my job well throughout my career. I am passionate about the environment and the prevention of flooding and climate change. It is nice to see that all these things are recognized.

Dave continued by praising the job over the years and pointing out how rewarding it was, even during the most difficult times.

He said, “I have enjoyed every moment, it’s one the best jobs you could ever desire for.”

It can be very rewarding. The progress made in flood defenses along the River Severn over the past 20 years has been remarkable. With the number of homes protected now compared to 20 years ago, it is incredible.

It is difficult and dangerous to deal with, plus it is heartbreaking to see people affected by flooding.

Although managing it can be stressful it is not nearly as stressful than dealing with flooding victims. This has been something I have always tried to remember over the years. Therefore, anything we do to prevent or manage that can be very rewarding.

Malvern Gazette: Environmental Agency manager, Dave Throup, looking over the river Severn in Worcester.Dave Throup (Director of Environmental Agency), looking out over the river Severn at Worcester.

Dave attributes his optimism even in difficult times to staying positive and focused on all the great work the Environmental Agency has done over time.

He stated, “The enormous advances we have made in warning people about oncoming threats and protecting them is what it all about, and has really kept me going over these years.”

While we cannot eliminate all risks, we can make it less dangerous and more stressful.

We need to continue improving our understanding of climate change and how it will affect the future.

Dave also fondly remembers the time that two fan clubs dedicated solely to him were created on Twitter and Facebook in 2014, when floods across Worcestershire and Herefordshire severely affected the two counties.

Dave said: It was a remarkable experience that happened completely out of the blue.

It is nice to be recognized by the environmental agency and other responders. I was the focal point, which was quite surreal.

Even the Worcester bridge asked me for autographs!

Dave is nearing retirement and he mentions two things he would like to devote more time to.

He stated, “Travel is what I want to do most in the near future.”

My wife and I have never been able go on a lot of travels in our careers. Now that we are both retired, we hope to find more time to see the world.

Covid will make it a little more difficult, but we hope to travel more soon.

I love to cycle and I hope to continue my hobby of moth trapping.

The position of Environment Agency manager for Herefordshire/Worcestershire has yet to be filled by Dave.

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