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Environment America announces a new push for 100% renewable energy across a dozen states by 2022

Environment America announces a new push for 100% renewable energy across a dozen states by 2022

National group doubles multistate campaign for clean renewable energy to power states

BOSTONEnvironment America launched its 2022 campaign to ensure 100% renewable energy in 12 US states on Thursday. The group will argue that state-level commitments for 100% renewable power should be a top priority as lawmakers across the country create their legislative priorities in 2022.

The sooner states commit 100% to renewable energy, the sooner we can eliminate pollution that makes our children sick and dangerously heats our planet. Johanna Neumann, senior director at Environment Americas Campaign For 100% Renewable Energy, said:.In 2022, lawmakers should be focusing on setting the course for 100% renewable energy.

Environment America and its state partner groups will work together to achieve 100% clean or renewable goals for 11 states in 2022: Colorado, Connecticut and Florida, Georgia. New Jersey, North Carolina. Pennsylvania. Rhode Island. Texas. California is an additional state in which the organization will advocate for a quicker transition to 100% renewable energy.

Neumann said that states are the leaders in America’s renewable energy. States that led the way over the past decade are responsible for the extraordinary clean energy growth we see today. These pioneering states created the space and goals necessary for renewables growth and brought the vision of a future powered exclusively by clean renewable energy into mainstream.

Environment America and its states network launched the 100% Renewable Campaign and played a key part in securing California’s future.Important commitmentto 100% clean electricity the following year. The organization has also been a catalyst for countless other people to join it. New Mexico, Maine, Washington,VirginiaOregonto make 100% clean or renewable electricity commitments. The group has nine states with 100% pledges so far. It will continue to press for more binding statewide commitments, including interim targets that are meaningful for growing renewables.

Renewable energy is taking off from coast-to-coast because it makes sense. said Emma Searson, Environment Americas 100% Renewable Campaign director. We’re starting the year with the technology and ability to repower the country with clean energy. When I think about where I’d like to be in 12 months, I see more states aiming for 100% clean energy and renewable energy development at record highs. There will also be supportive policies at every level government to make it all possible.

These staff and groups play key roles in promoting 100% clean, renewable energy in their states. For more information or interviews, they are available:


Laura Deehan, (415) 420-4710,, is the director of Environment California. Environment California is urging the governor and state legislature of California to accelerate California’s transition towards clean energy by moving up its current 100% clean energy target from 2045 to 2030.


Rex Wilmouth, (303) 573-7474,, is the Senior Program Director for Environment Colorado. Environment Colorado supports a statewide commitment to 100% clean and sustainable electricity. This is codified in Gov. Polis’s 2019 Roadmap to 100% Renewable Energy in 2040 and Bold Climate Action.


Chris Phelps, (860) 231-8842,, is the director of Environment Connecticut. Environment Connecticut supports legislation to ensure that Connecticut gets 100% of its electricity from clean sources by 2040.


Katie Moffitt, (480) 532-1660,, is the 100% Renewable campaign associate for Environment Florida as well as for Environment America. Environment Florida was instrumental in the introduction of State Renewable Energy Goals.HB283) and a companion renewable energy bill (SB720) that set a target for the state to get its electricity from renewable energy by 2040 and reduce the state’s carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050. The group encourages local governments, colleges, universities, and other major energy users to make a commitment to switching to 100% renewable energy.


Jennette Gayer, (404) 370-1764,, is the director of Environment Georgia. Environment Georgia is responsible for implementing 100% clean and renewable energy policies in many of Georgia’s largest urban areas. It also assists in the passage of legislation to support a 100% renewable energy transition across Georgia by 2050.HR 70).


Ben Hellerstein, (617) 747-4368,, is the director of Environment Massachusetts. Hellerstein, along with allies, are supporting the session. 100% Clean ActThe bill was filed in the state by Marjorie Decker (rep.) and Sean Garballey (rep.). The bill will help Massachusetts achieve 100% clean electricity in 2035 and 100% clean heating and transportation energy by 2045. The bill has been endorsed by 88 state senators and representatives.

New Jersey

Doug OMalley, (917) 449-6812,, is the director of Environment New Jersey. Environment New Jersey supports the reintroduction and preservation of the old. Senate Bill 1405. State Senators championed the legislation. Patrick Diegnan introduced the legislation to commit New Jersey 100% clean renewable electricity in the state by 2035. The state’s implementation plan is being implemented by the bill. Global Warming Response Act(GWRA), which calls for a 80% reduction of carbon emissions by 2050.

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North Carolina

Krista Early, 703-598-5265,, is an advocate at Environment North Carolina. Environment North Carolina supports legislation calling for 100% renewable energy by 2050.


David Masur, (267) 303-8292,, is the executive director of PennEnvironment. This session, state legislators reintroduced legislation for both the. HouseAnd SenateTo transition the commonwealth towards 100% renewable energy by 2050. The bill was first introduced in 2018 by Chris Rabb, a state representative who is now sponsoring the House version. Last session, the bill had 100 legislators co-sponsor it.

Rhode Island

Emma Searson, (828) 545-7300,, is the 100% Renewable campaign director for Environment Rhode Island as well as for Environment America. Environment Rhode Island lobbied for the passage in 2021 of the Renewable Energy Standard ActThis would have codified Gov. Gina Raimondo via an Executive order2020 The bill was passed by the state Senate JuneThe House did however not follow suit. Environment Rhode Island supports the reintroduction of similar legislation and its passage in 2022.


Luke Metzger, (512) 743-8257,, is the executive director of Environment Texas. Environment Texas supports a state-wide commitment to 100% clean, renewable electricity. The group is fighting against the PUC’s attempts to make renewable electricity more expensive and is working for Texas cities to be included in the deregulated electrical market so that residents have a public option to receive 100% renewable electricity.


Megan Severson, (608) 385-9946,, is the director of Wisconsin Environment. Wisconsin Environment encourages the state, local governments, and major energy users to move to 100% renewable energy.

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