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Environment Canada reports on rainfall totals following a weekend storm

Environment Canada reports on rainfall totals following a weekend storm

This past weekend, Northwestern Ontario experienced its first major storm of the season.

Environment Canada forecasted rain in the Kenora region on Thursday, April 21, 2022. This would start Friday afternoon (April 22, 2022), and continue throughout the weekend.

Gerald Cheng, an Environment Canada Meteorologist says that the area received the rain amounts and more than was forecast.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday saw 33 mm of rain in Kenora. We also had 4 cm of snow, so we had a little bit of everything.

Cheng points out that the east received more rain than Kenora, with Dryden getting 43 mm of precipitation. Sioux Lookout was able to get a little more rain, with 46 mm of rainfall throughout the weekend.

Cheng says that the weather has been characterized by cloudy and rainy conditions for the past couple of weeks.

As we head into Tuesday, we are hopeful of better days in terms sunshine. We are still stuck in this below-normal pattern for temperatures at least for another day. Its mid-week when we start to get back into the seasonal territory.

The seasonal high for this time of year is around 13 degrees. So, if we reach the double-digits, it’s already a win.

On Wednesday (April 27, 2022), expect double-digit temperatures. Thursday’s forecast is for highs of 10 degrees. Friday is expected even better with a high of 13° predicted.

Cheng does not rule out snow for the immediate future. However, he warns that if the overnight low of 2 degrees is reached, that could lead to rain turning into snow.

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Around 217 cm of snow have fallen in the Kenora area since January. The average for this same time period is 82.7cm. April’s average rainfall amounts are 22.4 mm

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