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Environment Canada’s cold warning has an impact on outdoor recreation

Environment Canada’s cold warning has an impact on outdoor recreation


The cold temperatures are limiting outdoor activities that Calgarians and Albertans can enjoy over the holidays.

The Calgary Zoo announced that its ZOOLIGHTS event scheduled for Dec. 26-27 was cancelled due to an extreme cold warning from Environment Canada.

Current conditions in CalgaryEnvironment Canada says that while the temperature is -28 C, a wind chill can make it feel more like -37 C.

Monday’s temperatures will be even colder with -29 C expected for a high and a wind chill that makes it feel closer to-41 C.

Officials at Calgary Zoo say that ZOOLIGHTS tickets purchased by Calgary Zoo visitors will be available on January 8, when temperatures are expected back to seasonal.

Officials confirm that the zoo remains open for daytime visitors.

Any questions regarding their ZOOLIGHTS bookings can be directed to guest relations at 403-232-9300.


Because of the extremely cold temperatures, anyone in the mountains will have no choice but to stay indoors.

Nakiska Ski Area issued Twitter Statement on SundayAccording to the resort, the ski hills are now closed until further notice.

Sunshine Village had a similar determination about weather.



Environment Canada has stated that the extremely cold weather in Southern Alberta will break later in the week. However, relief could not be expected until the weekend for northern regions.

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The agency stated that extreme cold warnings are issued when extremely cold temperatures or wind chill pose a high risk to health, such as hypothermia and frostbite.

“Please continue to watch for alerts and forecasts from Environment Canada.”


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