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Environment department orders revocation of investigator appointment

Environment department orders revocation of investigator appointment

Industrial Commissioner Catherine Hartigan reviewed the matter and said that it was relevant that the department did not seek to defend its decision.

Hartigan stated she was satisfied Hartigan had found that the aggrieved employee had proven that there were procedural deficiencies in recruitment and selection, which rendered Hartigan’s decision not fair or reasonable.

Hartigan did not decide on the specific claims regarding the application of the successful candidates or the alleged conflict-of-interest. Hartigan stated that the man had established that there were procedural shortcomings in the selection and recruitment process, which renders Hartigan’s decision neither fair nor reasonable.

Brisbane TimesThis does not mean that the claims are true. It only means that they contributed to concessions by the departments and the commissions decision.

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Hartigan ordered Hartigan’s decision to be overturned and directed Hartigan to refer the matter to the department so that the current appointment can be revoked within one month.

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