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Nationwide ceremony kicks start environmental protection events hinh anh 1Vietnam marks the World Water Day, World Meteorological DayEarth Hour 2022 and, this month. (Photo: Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources).

Hanoi (VNA) A hybrid national ceremony has been held
To kickstart a project, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources will host a meeting.
A series of events are planned to mark World Water Day and World Meteorological Day.
Earth Hour 2022All of these are to be celebrated in this month.

The March 23 ceremony brought together 63 different cities.
Provinces and 400 non-governmental international organisations.
Diplomatic corps in Vietnam, Vietnamese ministries, and agencies.

Themes of World Water Day (March 22, 2012), World
Meteorological Day, March 23, and Earth Hour 2022 have close connections
Each other because they all require public attention and encourage people to take action.
Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Tran Hong Ha stated in sofort
His opening remarks.

He stressed the need to strengthen forecasts.
protection of peoples with early warning systems and short-term monitoring
Promotion of effective management and protection of your properties and well-being
Sustainable groundwater and water resources use for today’s lives
Tomorrow’s Generations; and increase awareness of energy efficiency
Sustainable future for the planet and humanity

Nationwide ceremony kicks start environmental protection events hinh anh 2At the event, Tran Hong Ha, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, delivers remarks. (Photo:

He asked all authorities to reinvent their institutions.
There are many mindsets that can be used in policy-making. The circular economy development and green economy were also taken into consideration. This encouraged people all over the country to work together.
a sustainable future.

Hydro-meteorology competition winners were also honored during the event
In me is designed for high school and secondary students.

The theme for this years World Water Day is Groundwater,
Making the invisible visible, aiming at bringing attention to the invisible but impactful
The importance of resource groundwater for agriculture, industry, and other uses
Climate change adaptation and ecosystems

World Early Warning and Early Action
Meteorological Day 2022 highlights the vital importance of hydrometeorological
Climate information to reduce disaster risk.

The Earth Hour 2022 theme is Shape Our Future. Its now
Or not. It is designed to raise awareness about climate change adaptation.
Global biodiversity loss prevention and conservation

The Ministry of
All people and organisations are urged to make the switch to Environment and Natural Resources.
Turn off lights and other electronic devices for one hour, between 8:30pm and 9:30pm.
April 26,

To educate people about a variety of topics, there will be a host of activities.
Green and healthy lifestyle, and the harmful effects illegal hunting has on our health
Schools are asked to organise an environmental program and allow wildlife animals to be consumed
Awareness classes and related extracurricular activities.


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