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Alan Hill, my husband, has passed away at the age of 81. He had a long career in mathematics teaching and then worked tirelessly to improve Fletcher Moss Park in Didsbury, Manchester. He established a nature reserve, led weekly walks, natural history groups, and was a leader for the garden volunteers.

Frank Hill and Connie Payne were the sons of Frank Hill and Connie (nee Payne). Alan was born in Madras in India to a textile chemist father. Alan’s parents sent him and his younger brother, Connie (nee Payne), to Buxton in 1951. They then moved back to the UK four years later.

After leaving Lancaster Royal Grammar School, he was awarded a student apprenticeship at Bristol Siddeley in Coventry. This required him to complete a three-year degree in mechanical engineering at Manchester University. Alan decided in his first year that he wanted to support others so he earned a teaching diploma and became an instructor of maths.

Alan started his career at Broughton High School in Salford. He was a natural teacher, and this was the beginning of a rewarding career. He moved to Burnage highschool in 1967, and he would become a teacher, union leader, and eventually headteacher. He retired in 2000.

In 1968, Alan married Joan Waywell and they had two children, Tom and Pete. After their divorce, Alan was reunited with Teresa Wallace, his partner of ten years. They shared a love for walking and a passion for social justice. Her early death in 1997, shortly after their marriage, ended their life together.

Alan and I met at Manchester Field Club, a natural science club that he managed for almost 20 years. We were married in 2011. We shared a mutual love for botany and birdwatching, and spent many happy hours looking for flowers on trips to the UK.

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From 2006 to his death, Alan was the chair of the Friends of Fletcher Moss Park & Parsonage Gardens. He organized volunteer gardeners to take care of the park, worked with the city council to coordinate events, lead health walks, and advocated for nature-friendly policies. His passion for nature inspired others. He was thoughtful and committed to the community.

He was a caring stepfather to Teresa’s two children, Martin (and my children Nick, Cathy, and Tim). He loved spending time with his grandchildren Maria and Daniel. His children, stepchildren, grandchildren, and two stepgrandchildren are his survivors.

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