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Environment Secretary: ‘I very hope David Cameron returns to public life’

Environment Secretary: ‘I very hope David Cameron returns to public life’

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19 March 2022 at 15:05

Environment Sec. George Eustice hopes David Cameron will 'return to public life'
Environment Sec. Environment Sec.


LBC was informed by George Eustice (Environment Secretary), that he “very much hopes” David Cameron returns to public life. Cameron was only 18 when he became Prime Minister, and has “more of himself to give”.

It was after David Cameron started his lorry ride to Poland to deliver vital supplies, including nappies and first aid kit to Ukrainian refugees.

After a two week-long appeal for goods from West Oxfordshire community members, the former Prime Minister announced Friday that he was going to embark on the “long journey”.

Andrew Pierce asked Redruth and Camborne Conservative MP for Camborne: “You might’ve noticed the photographs in David Cameron’s paper – you were his Press secretary when he was leader, and drove a truck to Poland to help him out. Is this his attempt to rebuild his image following the scandalous Greensill lobbying?

“I don’t know. I think it’s more probable that he wants his part and to help,” Mr Eustice responded.

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“And I really hope that at some stage we’ll see a path by which David could come back to public life in any way.

“I think that he was very young when the Prime Ministership was created. However, I believe that he still has a lot to offer and that there will be a place for him to return to.

Mr Eustice said that he was a proponent of the large society. He was a strong supporter of civic society and charities when he was in opposition to me. It’s no surprise that he is now supporting charities.

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