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Environmental Assessment Bulletin-News Releases
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Environmental Assessment Bulletin-News Releases

The Honourable Bernard Davis has announced the following events related to Part 10 Environmental Assessment of Environmental Protection Act.


Crown District 22 Five Year Forestry Operating Plan (2022-2026). (Reg. 2162)
Proponent: Department of Fisheries, Forestry, and Agriculture

The following conditions were applied to the release of the project:

  • To minimize the environmental impacts of the project, the proponent is required by law to keep all commitments made in the submission for the environmental assessment.
  • The Climate Change Branch of Department of Environment and Climate Change requires that the proponent submit a Greenhouse gas management plan for approval by Minister of Environment and Climate Change within a year of receipt of this letter. An update on the progress of the plan must be submitted within six month. The plan will include:
    • Any carbon modeling that has been used or will be used to guide forest management planning
    • Projections of the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that will be captured and/or released in the next five years; and
    • A description of how carbon modelling will inform forest management in relation to climate change adaptation and mitigation.
  • The Water Resources Management Division of Department of Environment and Climate Change requires a buffer of 30 metres around the following stations for real-time hydrometric, climate and water quality monitoring:
    • Trans-Labrador Highway, between Churchill Falls & Labrador City (NLENCL0008)
    • Metchin River near Trans-Labrador Highway (NLENCL0009),
    • Wabush Lake at the lake outlet (03OA005)
    • Luce Brook Below Tinto Pond (003OA012)
    • Wabush Lake on Dolomite Road (03OA014)
    • Flora Creek below Trans-Labrador Highway (03OA015),
    • Goodream Creek 2km Northwest of Timmons 6 (003OB006)
    • Elross Creek, below Pinette Lake inflow (03OB007)
    • Hook Bay (03OBX01),
    • Lobstick (03OBX02),
    • Oorma Lake (03OBX03),
    • Churchill River at Churchill Falls Tailrace (003OD008)
    • Joan Brook below outlet Joan Lake (03OB009)
    • Dumbell Stream, Dumbell Lake (03OA016)
    • Pumphouse Stream over Drum Lake (03OA017)
    • Churchill River below Churchill Falls Tailrace (003OD010)
    • Goodream Creek is above Triangle Lake (03OB010).
  • The following is required for the Land Management Division of Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture:
    • Some areas of the proposed Forestry Operating Plan areas are included in cottage planning, cottage development, and Crown land reserve. To determine if there is any land use conflict, the proponent should consult the Land Use Atlas and/or Land Management Division.
    • The proponent must create a 100-meter buffer around cottage development areas. They should also consult with the Land Management Division to determine whether there are land use conflicts with Crown titles or Crown land within proposed harvest areas.
    • Two titles are already in the proposed scope of this project. Domestic harvesters should be aware of the titles in the area. They should refer to the Land Use Atlas before harvesting.
  • The following is required by the Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation’s Tourism Product Development Division:
    • The proponent wants to coordinate forest management efforts between outfitters during big game season (September 15-December 31) and spring bear harvest (May 1-July 15).
    • The proposal must submit a Tourism Stakeholder Consultation Plan. This plan will include a report on consultations with stakeholders. The Consultation Plan will identify the potential impacts of forest operations on each tourism stakeholder. It will describe how harvesting road construction and silviculture activities can be modified to minimize adverse impacts to tourism stakeholder value, which includes but is not limited to: wildlife populations, hunting success rates, pristine wilderness settings, and increased access for local residents. Before any forestry operations can be conducted, the Consultation Plan must first be approved by Tourism, Culture, Arts and Recreation. Tourism, Culture, Arts and Recreation will review the Consultation Plan derived from EngageNL to ensure that all stakeholders are represented.
    • The Trans Labrador Highway’s viewscapes and visitor experience must be preserved by the proponent. To minimize the negative visual effects of clear cut harvest blocks, landscape design techniques should be used to create them. It is recommended that the proponent consult directly with the Manager for Tourism Product Development about efforts to minimize visibility of clear cut from the Trans Labrador Highway.
  • The proponent must notify the Environmental Assessment Division if the conditions for release have been met by emailing a description, documents, images, and where applicable, a written description.
  • The proponent must update the Environmental Assessment Division about the status of the project within one year of the date of the release letter. Additional updates may be requested.


St. Lawrence Fluorspar Marine Shipping Terminal Project (Reg. 2028)
Proponent: Canada Fluorspar (NL) Inc.

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If you wish to submit comments on a project which is currently under environmental assessment, please let the Department know if you do NOT wish for your comments to be shared with the project proponent.

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Environment and Climate Change
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