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EnviroVoters urges climate change spending

EnviroVoters urges climate change spending

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You may have seen some new advertising encouraging California Gov. Gavin NewsomThe LegislatureTo pass a budget that addresses climate change.

California Environmental Voters, also known as EnviroVoters, has launched its ad campaign with a combination of digital ads and a billboard off I-5 near Sacramento International Airport “urging the governor and lawmakers to double down and think bigger to pass a state budget that ensures victory in the fight against climate change,” according to a statement from the group.

EnviroVoters is specifically calling on state leaders to dedicate at least $75 billion over the span of the next five years — a minimum of 5% of state spending — to pay for investments in clean energy, zero-emission transportation and transit, building decarbonization, water and wildfire resilience, jobs and justice, according to the statement.

“Climate spending must match the scale of the threat we face from unchecked climate change in order to be effective. Only a massive investment can overcome the destruction we face from record drought, record wildfires, and record heat waves,” said EnviroVoters’ Mike Youngin a statement. “California has the know-how, and our huge budget surplus gives us the resources to unleash it. Only leaders will have the courage to confront corporate polluters profiting off the climate crisis.


Tuesday was a busy day in legislative committees.

SB 894, a bill to create an off highway vehicle competition program for legitimate participants, was passed out Senate Transportation Committee.

“For the last few years, OHV stakeholders, government agencies, and many others have put in countless hours on this issue. We have worked together with the environmental community in order to reach a compromise that removes their opposition. Our hope is that this third time is truly a charm,” said bill author Sen. Brian JonesIn a statement

AB 2164, a bill to make sure small businesses have access to funds to make accessibility-related improvements for people with disabilities, passed out of the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

“Compliance can be particularly challenging for small business owners with limited English or access to financial resources,” said bill author Assemblyman Alex LeeIn a statement. “Helping small businesses become compliant is critically important because barriers prevent Californians with disabilities from accessing important goods and services, while depriving our local businesses of much-needed patronage.”

SB 1036The California Coast Restoration Act was passed by the Senate. It creates a conservation corps to restore the California coastline and climate resilience work. Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee.

“As recent history has vividly demonstrated, our state’s coastal areas are extremely vulnerable and need to be safeguarded in every way possible,” said bill author Sen. Josh NewmanIn a statement. “In the face of accelerating climate change and the devastating impacts of recent oil spills, Californians up and down the state will be well served by a workforce development program deliberately designed to efficiently and comprehensively maintain, protect, and restore California’s beaches and other coastal ecosystems.”


“Ketanji Brown Jackson was in my law school class. Everyone thought she was a nice & brilliant person. Ted Cruz was one year ahead of us in law school. Everyone thought he was a major jackass, as he is demonstrating yet again today.”

– Sen Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, via Twitter.

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