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EPA Releases Draft Environmental Justice Plan – Environment

EPA Releases Draft Environmental Justice Plan – Environment

EPA Releases Draft Environmental Justice Plan - Environment

United States

Draft Environmental Justice Plan released by the EPA

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was established on January 5, 2022.
(EPA) published a draft Environmental Justice Action
. The Action Plan lists the actions that have been taken.
EPA’s Office of Land and Emergency (OLE) will implement these plans.
Management (OLEM), to address concerns about environmental justice (EJ)
OLEM programs include Superfund, emergency response and risk

The EJ is used to organize the Action Plan’s projects.
These are the goals set by Biden’s administration. These goals include

  • Strengthening compliance with civil and environmental statutes
    Communities that have been burdened by too many rights laws should be able to pass rights laws
    Pollution; There are seven projects to support this goal
    Information includes “Good Governance Referral Lists”
    Community environmental agencies
  • EJ considerations in OLEM work “including
    Assessment of impacts on pollution-burdened and underserved tribes
    To maximize the benefits of regulatory development, communities should be involved in its development
  • To improve engagement with polluted communities
    Provide regular and frequent consultations with the underserved
    EPA rulemaking has had a significant impact on tribal and community officials.
    Other activities
  • Implementing the Biden administration’s policies Justice40 Initiative
    Prioritizing the benefits of and engagement with the underserved
    Communities during grant applications and award decisions

After it has completed its Action Plan, the EPA will release a new draft.
We received feedback from external stakeholders.

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