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EPA To Reconsider Decision On Environment Regulation For Tribal Land

EPA To Reconsider Decision On Environment Regulation For Tribal Land

Monday, December 27th 2021 at 5:56 p.m.

By: David Prock

TULSA, Oklahoma –

The Environmental Protection Agency intends to reconsider a decision that allowed Oklahoma to regulate environmental issues on tribal lands.

Governor Kevin Stitt applied for the authority in October 2020. The EPA granted the authority at that time. After extensive discussions with Oklahoma’s 38 tribes and EPA leaders, EPA leaders said they are now reconsidering their decision. The agency said many tribes expressed concerns about the agency’s decision.

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Assistant Administrator for Tribal and International Affairs Jane Nishida stated that our sovereign Tribal partners still have concerns about EPA’s decision and the consultation process used to reach that decision. Today’s action is a result of careful consideration of their concerns, and our commitment to ensure robust consultation on all policy decisions affecting Tribal countries. EPA is grateful for the valuable input from Oklahoma Tribes and looks forward to continuing dialogue to develop an effective and lasting framework for environmental protection in Indian country.

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