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Eugene transforms from recovery to transformation by 2022

Eugene transforms from recovery to transformation by 2022

In 2022, Eugene moving from recovery to transformation

The past two years have transformed Eugene, and there’s still more change to come, Mayor Lucy Vinis said.

In the “new normal, nothing is the same as it was,” Vinis said during her annual State of the City address on Wednesday night and the second delivered virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the challenges of the last two years, people have continued showing up, Vinis said, even as the pandemic has shifted from a short-term crisis to “an altered trajectory across the board.” Those residents keep the community functioning and are “the backbone and the heart of this city,” she said.

Many may feel that things are stagnant. Vinis stated that there have been few advances on major issues.

“It is hard to appreciate the impact of incremental progress when you are down in the trenches — working your way, one day at a time, through enormous challenges,” she said. “We don’t see the transformation coming.”

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