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Five Questions for Assembly Candidates: #4, Environment Issues

Five Questions for Assembly Candidates: #4, Environment Issues

February 4, 2022

California is determined to be a leader in addressing climate change. However, California also faces environmental issues such as droughts, fires and rising sea levels. What are your top priorities and what steps will you take as an Assemblymember to address them?

Politicians who speak the right words but give in to special interests and sacrifice the future of the planet for large amounts of campaign funding are the most pressing problem in the fight against climate change.

We need unprecedented investments in clean energy, public transit and wildfire prevention. These things are not unique. My campaign has not received a dollar from corporations, or pro-fossilfuel interests. This is what sets me apart. I can ban fracking now without worrying about the backlash. You can trust me to stand up against oil companies and demand that they stop destroying our planet, stop irresponsible developers degrading our environment, and won’t allow polluters putting their profits above the health of communities. This is why the Sierra Club only supported our campaign.

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