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Five Questions for Assembly Candidates: #4 Environmental Issues

Five Questions for Assembly Candidates: #4 Environmental Issues

California is determined to be a leader in addressing climate change. However, California also faces environmental issues such as droughts, fires and rising sea levels. What are your top priorities and what steps will you take as an Assemblymember to address them?

David Campos, ex-Supervisor of San Francisco’s District 9

Politicians who claim the right things, but then cave to special interests and compromise the future of our planet for huge campaign funding, are the most urgent problem in our fight against global warming.

We need unprecedented investments in clean energy, public transit and wildfire prevention. It is not unusual to believe that we need these things. What makes me different is the fact that my campaign has not accepted any dollars from corporations or pro fossil fuel interests. I can ban fracking now without worrying about the backlash. You can be sure that I will not back down from oil companies. I will demand that they stop destroying the earth, stop irresponsible development from destroying our environment, and won’t allow polluters put their profits above the health and wellbeing of our communities. The Sierra Club has solely endorsed our campaign.

Matt Haney is the current Supervisor for San Francisco District 6.

Climate change is the greatest existential risk we face and is already affecting our daily lives. We cannot just promise to act by 2030 or 2040, the change must begin today. Im committed to the following:

  • California Green New Deal: Passing legislation that aggressively combats the effects of climate change and promotes environmental justice in low-income and immigrant communities.
  • For unprecedented state investments in green infrastructure, sustainable transportation solutions, such as charging stations and electric buses, protected bike lanes, commuter rail projects, and sustainable transportation solutions like charging stations, electric buses, and protected bike lanes.
  • Completion of the high-speed railway project and the introduction of high-speed train to the Salesforce Transit Center via the downtown rail extension.
  • Current abuses of environmental laws are being rectified to stop the development of clean energy and sustainable transit projects.
  • Californians should invest in drought preparedness infrastructure and wildfire prevention measures to help them avoid the worst effects of climate-related natural catastrophes.

Bilal Mahmood is a neuroscientist and entrepreneur

California has a difficult time addressing climate change because of bureaucracy, cost, and bureaucracy. It is too expensive to electrify homes and it takes too long for public transit to be built. Together with Saikat Chakrabarti (AOCs former chief-of-staff), I have authored a Green New Deal California to address these problems.

This includes a Green Production Board that will establish production targets for affordable housing units, rapid-bus transit, solar panel installations, etc. and be granted the authority of cutting any red tape necessary in order to achieve those targets. It also includes a California Public Bank, which can provide 0%-interest loans up to $100,000 for individuals to buy electric cars and bikes, as well as businesses to retrofit their existing infrastructure.

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This approach will generate an influx in investment to transition California into a zero carbon economy and help us reach 1.5C by 2030.

Thea Selby is a member of the City Colleges Board of Trustees

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