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GOOVIS HMD ensures a comfortable low-blue-light viewing environment and low visual fatigue in the Virtual World
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GOOVIS HMD ensures a comfortable low-blue-light viewing environment and low visual fatigue in the Virtual World

“The practical application VR/AR (or XR) is becoming a hot topic. Virtual reality/AR is often referred to as immersion by many users. Some devices focus on immersion by allowing people to explore the virtual world through their senses, but failing to maintain clarity. Dr. Huajun PengNED Optics CEO and Founder. “This is the challenge GOOVIS HDM tried to solve. When users enter the world behind the screen, we aim to provide the best clarity possible. Comfort is key – no dizziness, no eye strain, and protection against blue light damage.

GOOVIS was awarded the first ever SGS Metaverse series: Low visual fatigue certification in November. GOOVIS was the first brand to earn the TV Rheinland certification in 2020. It provides a comfortable low light viewing environment and is the world’s first full mode low blue light eye protection helmet. This puts GOOVIS ahead of its competitors in user safety. GOOVIS was certified safe by the National Ophthalmology Engineering Center in 2018 after passing a rigorous eye health safety assessment.

These certifications have two main strengths: the AMOLED microdisplay screen for eye protection and the company’s proprietary optical technologies. GOOVIS HDM reduces blue light damage more than 70% when compared to traditional computer and mobile phone screens. Eye problems such as blurry vision, dry eyes, macular degeneration, cataracts, dry eyes, macular degeneration, macular degeneration, and eye strain have been linked to blue light from electronics. GOOVIS has been praised by consumers for its technological control of blue-light exposure, protecting eyes from potential damage, and increasing comfort.

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GOOVIS products are designed to be safe and easy. GOOVIS customers frequently praise the inclusion of inter-pupillary distance adjustments and binocular diopter. This protective technology allows users the ability to adjust the HMD independently. It can be used to provide clear and 3D stereo viewing without the need of glasses.

GOOVIS products are praised by consumers for their comfort and extended viewing times. Many users in the medical industry use GOOVIS for long-term training sessions that last more than 6 hours. GOOVIS products are also known for their durability and ability to immerse the user into the visual experience, giving them the opportunity to view the images at a heightened level wherever they are.

Although the device appears similar to other HMDs, GOOVIS was praised for its protective optical technology. This allows them to produce superior quality viewing products which appear to be better than their competition. GOOVIS has proven to be a reliable producer of high-quality products and is revolutionizing multimedia entertainment.


GOOVIS is a brand of NED Optics. It is a technical leader in the XR Head Mounted Displays field. GOOVIS products can be used for viewing films and videos, playing games, and in other industrial fields such as myopia prevention, remote control and training systems, myopia prevention, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), first person view (FPV), and live broadcast over 5G network.

In November 2021GOOVIS was awarded the first SGS Meta-universe series Low Fatigue Visual certification. In the past, May 2020GOOVIS has been awarded the TV Rheinland certification to provide a comfortable low-blue-light viewing environment. It is the first full-mode, low-blue-light eye protection headset in the world, which puts it ahead of its competitors in terms of user safety.

GOOVIS has found a way to satisfy customers throughout 60 countries and regions, as well as throughout the globe. Europe, America, Japan Australia. GOOVIS was awarded the German iF Design Award 2018 and the Chinese Red Star Award 2020. Japan2018

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