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Hmong community find a welcoming environment at Market

Hmong community find a welcoming environment at Market

GREEN BAY, Wis.  For the Yang family, running a store isnt their only responsibility to their community. It’s something they are proud about during Hmong Heritage Month, April.

Main Oriental Market is owned and operated by the Hmong Americans on Pine Street in downtown Green Bay. Since 1997, they have been providing Asian food and goods to the community. Bruce Yang, the owner, said that his shop has evolved from a place where Hmong can buy traditional foods to a more comprehensive market.

Bruce Yang stated that we make sure the community knows who we are and what they can do for us.

He said that Tara Yang Yang is the one who runs the business.

Tara Yang spoke of her parents as refugees. They arrived with nothing but their clothes and to be able to start a business is amazing.

Tara Yang said that the business serves a greater purpose in the city’s Hmong community. The Yangs business has taken over the role of helping their community members navigate their lives since the city’s Hmong lost its formal cultural center in 2016.

Tara Yang stated that the Asian-American families in this area are immigrants. English is their second and third languages. Therefore, we help them with everything, from translating documents to tax documents, health documents, and preparing taxes. We do our best for them to have a happy and sustainable life.

Customer Bill Lee stated that this is a great place to meet family and friends. Translation by Tara Yang

Tara Yang said that her parents left a legacy in the Hmong community. She will keep it and pass it on.

It is heartwarming to know that people find a place in our store, she said.

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