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How a positive working environment is vital to corporate success

How a positive working environment is vital to corporate success

For any public or private organisation to succeed, it is essential to have a healthy working environment and motivated employees.

A positive workplace environment can increase productivity and decrease costs related to absenteism and turnover, workers’ compens and medical claims. Many of the organizations around the world, including Vodacom Tanzania, among others, can attest to this fact for their success in attracting customer loyalties in the markets where they operate.

Based on its ability attract, develop, and retain the best talent Vodacom TanzaniaFor the fifth consecutive year, has been awarded the Top Employer Africa certificate for the year 2021.

The certification is issued to the Top Employer InstituteIt allows organizations to leverage employer branding and benchmark practices against top performers.

“We are proud to be consistently rated an employer choice.” Vodacom Tanzania Plc’sVivienne Penessis (Human Resources Director) spoke in an exclusive interview with the paper.

The HR Director explained that the company’s ability is due to having access diverse talent and critical skills. This culture is built upon agility, innovation, customer service, and a culture that fosters employee growth.

Ms. Penessis stated that the certification serves to remind the company that it is part of a global network of forward-thinking organisations that continue to strive to improve business performance and implement best people practices.

When asked what certification means for the company, she replied that it “reaffirms our commitment to optimising our business performance.” It also continues to live our spirit behavior, which are key cornerstones of our success. These include earning customer loyalty and creating the future.

“We make sure that our staff has all the financial, mental, and emotional needs met. They are more productive, happy, and more willing to stay. During the interview, she explained that in addition to the regulatory policies, there are policies that cover health, safety, and wellbeing, parental leaves, mental illness, speak up, equal opportunities policies, and many other areas.

Ms. Penessis described the boarding process of the company’s employees as one of many best practices, which encourages hiring mangers to take responsibility for the candidate’s experience.

This creates opportunities for new employees, who can build important relationships and express their excitement to be part of the top-performing team.

Customers will find the communication company offers a way to empower their digital lives by digitizing, optimizing, and optimizing customer experience through scaling financial services. TanzaniaFinancial inclusion is a way to empower customers’ lives.

The HR Director mentioned facilitation for the company’s transition into a future-fit technology company by putting in place strong focus embedding a spirit of VodacomYou will engage your employees to help you achieve your company’s goals.

These include fostering a culture of innovation, teamwork and agile-learning which increases both individual autonomy and team collaboration.

“It’s also encouraging to see that our scores in terms of Team Spirit Index, engagement scores across the board are the highest.” Vodacom GroupShe expressed her gratitude for the positive reflections she received on the culture-change work she had done.

The then Managing Director of Vodacom TanzaniaThe company is committed to providing the right environment and policies that enable women to achieve leadership positions through various initiatives. Ms. Penessis stated that the communication company believes in creating an environment that allows all employees to thrive by implementing policies and practices that are centered on this.

“With regard to women, we have a global goal as Vodafone to be the best employer for women in 2025. We believe this will be achieved by supporting women at all stages of their professional lives, both inside and outside the workplace,” she explained.

“We have put strategies in place to ensure that we meet this market target including parental leave and sexual harassment policy,” she said about inclusion of women. In recent years, the company has invested 1.5bn/$ to train and encourage staff career development.

Vodacom Advanced Executive Programme (VAEP), which empowers and drives inclusion in technology, menstruation Kit, and gender smart for leaders, are some of the programs.

The executive pointed out that the gender gap in engineering, science, and mathematics (STEM), careers is alarmingly high worldwide. However, research shows that these jobs are the future of innovation, social wellbeing and inclusive growth.

“We believe there should be a concerted effort from the government, academia, and the private sector to encourage young girls to pursue STEM subjects. This will help close the gender gap in the field. She stated that #Code- LikeAGirl is a programme that aims to eliminate gender gaps and promote diversity in the country.

Coding is a way to solve problems, stimulate, create, and design. The ‘Code like a Girl” program aims at developing coding skills and life skills for girls between 14-18 years. It encourages them to take up STEM subjects and to learn ICT.

It provides mentors to the girls to help them become passionate about technology and its potential. When she was asked what the secret to the company’s success, motivation, retention and motivation was, she stated that competitive remuneration is key. She also mentioned personal development opportunities through investing in employee training and leadership development.

Other examples include the implementation of agile business processes across business unit, regular engagement and delivery of targets with employees, as well as a commitment to building a reputation for quality employers and a sustained focus on employee safety.

Further, the HR Director stated that the company continues its efforts to attract talent from areas outside of its traditional business areas in order to get the right capabilities for new business activities. This includes areas such as data science and machine learning.

“Our Discover Graduate Program gives graduates a complete experience in the business, including mentorship, coaching, on-the-job training and mentoring, while earning a full salary with all the benefits of a full-time employee. “The graduate will transition into a destination job within the organization after the one-year. Successful completion of the program will allow graduates to apply for stretch assignments both locally and internationally to enhance their leadership capabilities and expertise.

This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we used an online approach Vodacom Tanzania16 graduates were hired from 1,700 applicants who had submitted their initial applications.

The company will also be implementing a wellness program for executives, which will support staff with digital wellbeing tools and embed well-being in every aspect of work. This is part of its drive to become a digitally-led organization. Vodacom Tanzania Plcaccelerated the automation and digitization for employee engagement activities.

These policies and business practices will help you to succeed. Vodacom TanzaniaThis illustrates how motivation and staff morale are key to enabling corporate success and market dominance.

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