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How cleaner cars will reduce air pollution
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How cleaner cars will reduce air pollution

How cleaner cars will drive down air pollution

There are many environmental victories worth celebrating as we enter 2022. One such victory was this December’s announcement by the Environmental Protection Agency of a new clean car. ruleThis will reduce air pollution and slow down global warming.

Environment America has been calling on the Biden Administration to put in place the strongest limits on tailpipe pollution over the past year. We have testified at hearings and collected more than 11,000 comments by our supporters. We also collaborated with health professionals to argue that stronger rules are essential to protect public health. Our advocacy, along with other health and environmental groups, has resulted in the creation of stronger rules. Standards in the final ruleThey are stronger than what was originally proposed in August 2021.

This is great news to our air quality as the EPAs new rule.More than 3.1 billion tonnesTo reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The EPA is working to set strong emission standards in heavy duty trucks, as well as stronger standards for clean cars.

Photo: blende12 via Pixabay

The new clean cars rule is a significant step towards cleaner air. The EPA will soon review the next set standards for cars manufactured after 2026. We recommend that they establish a path to zero-emission cars by 2035, or earlier.

To protect our health, we must reduce air pollution. Air pollution is a result of the burning of fossil fuels, such as gasoline and diesel, and can cause serious damage to our lungs and hearts. Even limited exposure to Some of the most harmful air pollutantsThe following are links to: Premature death, respiratory problems, and increased cancer risk are all factors.. A 2019 StudyTransportation emissions were responsible for more than one quarter of all deaths in the United States due to fine particulate matter caused by human activities. Air pollution can also cause inflammation, which makes us more vulnerable to developing other respiratory infections like COVID-19.

Air pollution isn’t something that will go away in the wind. Environment America advocates for policies that clean up the air. Transport is both a major cause of air pollution as well as a major factor in its elimination. leading contributorto the climate crisis. All we can do to reduce the pollution from our cars will help our climate and our health. If we don’t act, we will continue to increase the planet’s temperature, which will likely make air pollution worse over the next few years.

Although air pollution can be a serious problem, there are solutions. Since the Clean Air ActThe United States made remarkable progress in reducing pollution from the atmosphere more than half a century ago. Cleansing up pollution from cars is one of our best options for clean air.

Photo: skdunning via Pixabay

Without strong action by our government, the air pollution from our cars will continue to rise, threatening our health with more asthma attacks and cancer. I am thankful that the EPA has implemented a clean cars rule, which is better for our environment and our lungs.

Cover Photo: webandi via Pixabay

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