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How to deal with addiction in a non-sober setting

How to deal with addiction in a non-sober setting

How to handle addiction in a non-sober environment

As we have discussed over the past year and a quarter, both the state and federal policies have contributed to an increase of addiction and overdose deaths. The crisis was severe before the lockdowns but the political class seems to have lost control. There are many groups in the country and across the state that offer assistance to those in need.

New Jersey 101.5 is a partner with Recovery Centers of America. Each monthly, we highlight one aspect of fighting addiction. Marguerite Warner, Regional Alumni Coordinator RCA, joined us this month.

We spoke about the role of RCA Alumni members. Marguerite shared her personal story from her 17-year recovery. She shared her great advice and insight for families and individuals who are fighting addiction.

One of the most important topics was how to manage addiction in a nonsober environment. We discussed relapses and ways to help people keep on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

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