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Huni discusses TSM’s progress.

Huni discusses TSM’s progress.

Huni on TSM's progress: "As the environment was, we've gotten a lot better outside of the game. "
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TSM had a rough start in the 2022 LCS Spring Split. With a record 1-8, they are now solely in last place in the standings. Heo “Huni”, the top laner at TSM, spoke to Inven Global about his role and the team’s struggles after their loss to Counter Logic Gaming.


What are your thoughts on the team’s progress since Yursan was promoted from the LCS to Yursan?


First, despite our losses, I feel we have improved. We’ve improved as a team and the environment has changed. We still have a lot to do in the game. We need to accept the fact that we are not performing well after our loss against Counter Logic Gaming. We are just bad. There are many things that we can improve as a group.


What are the contributing causes of TSM’s struggles so far in the 2022 LCSSpring Split


The fact that we have new players certainly plays a part. However, we also have a lot communication problems. We are not playing well as an entire team. I don’t think there are any other thoughts about our play.



Do you think that team coordination was a key factor in improving communication between you and your coworkers?


Yes, I do. It makes it easier for my teammates to help me, and through these compositions, our communication is better. This strategy makes teamfighting easier because it is the only way to win. This strategy requires that we play well together as a team to win. It also gives us the opportunity to improve our team play.



Hullbreaker, despite being nerfed to 12.4, is still a powerful item in the top lane meta. What are your thoughts about Hullbreaker’s place in the current meta?


I like the current meta because I am good at sidelaning and playing push. These kinds of things are part of the Hullbreaker Meta for top laners. However, I don’t believe it is required that top laners play like this. It gives you more chances to push, increases 1v1 pressure, and improves pressure in the sidelane. Those are the most important things.


Hullbreaker makes it hard to lose and make mistakes if you are ahead. It’s obvious that the Hullbreaker nerfs will hit the ranged champions in the next patch. I think it should be a lot better.



You were already one the most experienced players on TSM last year, and that’s even more so this year. What were your challenges this season in your role as a leader?

Yes, there are many things that I need to do to be a better leader. I don’t think there are any clear answers to my questions so I’ll keep trying my hardest. These things depend on the team, players, and people involved. I have a lot of adaptable tasks. I will keep trying my best and learning. I am by far the most experienced player in TSM so I’m trying my best to help my teammates as best I can.


Spica expressed a similar sentiment about the leadership role, but also said that he had noticed a decline in his play because of this focus. Is that something you have noticed?


Yes, it is not easy. It’s been a challenge for me personally. This is how I feel since my return to NA LCS 2018. Since then, I’ve been the most knowledgeable member of my team in terms either of career or time spent competing.


I feel exactly the same way as Spica. I just need to find the right balance between helping my teammates and focusing on my own job. It is important that everyone in the team does their job. Your teamplay can be much more productive if everyone does their job.



Are you the primary voice in TSM communications, or are you a situational dynamic.


Yes, my voice is the strongest in the game, but most of my teammates are trying to follow it. However, no matter what calls are made we need to play better and understand our roles in the context of our teammates. That’s what I believe is most important right now. Our teamplay skills are very poor right now, and our understandings of our individual roles within our teams are not up to par.



Huni, thanks for the interview. Are there any comments you would like to make to the TSM fan?


There’s nothing to say. I’m sorry for disappointing people. I feel quite depressed about the things we’ve done, but we will get better. We’ll continue to try our best.

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