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Informal Meetings of Environment and Energy Ministers in Amiens, 2022 January
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Informal Meetings of Environment and Energy Ministers in Amiens, 2022 January

This informal meeting will consist of a series sessions dedicated to environmental problems, attended by environment ministers, as well a series dedicated energy challenges, attended the energy ministers.
All ministers will be present for two joint sessions. One on the role forests and the timber industry in climate, energy, and environmental policies; the other on the just transition.

Environmental challenges

Ministers will discuss the environment ministers talks, which will be centered on protecting natural environments as well as improving human health. The first session will concentrate on European action on phytosanitary products. The European Union set itself the goal to reduce pesticide use by half by 2030 in its Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategy. This goal requires that the EU implements the agroecological transformation, including by ensuring that imported foodtuffs comply with EU environmental and health standards. The discussion will focus on the best practices in EU Member States for the implementation of measures that reduce plant protection product usage and the provisions to be incorporated in a harmonised European framework. Ministers will also discuss measures to ensure that Europe’s high food safety standards are met when imports of phytosanitary products are concerned. They will also discuss the need for dangerous chemicals that are banned from the EU’s internal market to not be exported to the EU.

Then, talks will focus on the EU’s chemical strategy for sustainability Many pivotal texts, including the Reach Regulationand the Classification, Packaging and Labelling RegulationCLP Regulation). Other projects on the agenda include the examination of ways to stop dangerous chemicals being exported from the EU. Ministerial discussions will identify the best measures to implement effectively The chemical management framework for public health and protection of the environment (One Health).

The third item on ministers’ agenda for the environment is the fight against imported deforestation.On 17 November 2021, the Commission published a proposal to regulate goods that are part of supply chains that are associated with deforestation or forest degradation. This regulation draft also aims at increasing European demand for products that are deforestation-free. The ministers of the environment will discuss best practices, products, and ecosystems that they should prioritise, as well as cooperation with other countries. Ensure that European action against forest destruction is as effective and efficient as possible

Energy matters

Concerning the energy ministers, they will continue to discuss the ongoing debates that started in the European Council, and the Council of Ministers. protecting consumers from historically high and volatile gas and electricity prices, while pursuing Unions climate goals.

The Energy efficiency is the most important factorThe principle of reducing energy use and waste must be taken more seriously in public policy. This principle will be incorporated into other national and European climate policy policies, whether they are concerned with energy precarity, security, supply or competitiveness.

The outline will be examined by energy ministers. new hydrogen economyHow to accelerate the development low-carbon hydrogenIt is necessary to address current uncertainties regarding the technological difficulty in producing it and its place within Europe’s future energy mix.

Two sessions on energy and environment were held together

The ministers of the environment and energy will also meet to discuss common challenges in climate, environment, and energy. They will jointly define the goals of the first joint session. What role does the forest sector play in these policies and how can they be managed?. This will include enhancing carbon sinks and increasing the production of renewable energy. The European Green Deal and the EU’s transition to carbon neutrality are centered around forests.

The ministers will also consider the Principles of the just transition and a socially acceptable green transitionTransitioning to a carbon-free society and economy requires major changes that will impact how we consume, produce and exchange. Europe must ensure that it is a success for it to be a success. Socially just, inclusiveTransition that meets the needs The most vulnerable people and places in society.

Last updated January 18, 2022

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