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Iowa water is under attack from political and environmental leaders

Iowa water is under attack from political and environmental leaders

Iowa’s 2022 state budget will allow for significant increases in water cleanup efforts. $1.24 billion budget surplusMultiple environmental advocates spoke with Axios.

  • Yes, but:They stated that public advocacy is vital in the upcoming legislative session, which begins next week.

Why it matters:Jennifer Zwagerman from Drake University’s Agriculture Law Center stated that if nothing is done, there will be long-term environmental, social and economic problems.

  • The Raccoon River supplies much of the metro’s drinking water and is considered one of the most endangered in the country due to pollution. American Rivers reportPublished last year.

Driving the news Join over 15 farmers and environmental groups a coalitionAdvocate for the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust FundThe, which was established more than a decade ago, but has not yet received funding.

Get up to speed:63% of Iowa voters approved a 2010 constitutional amendment in support of a statewide natural-resources initiative.

  • The trust fund must receive the first 3/8 of any future one-cent sales taxes increase.

Not to be missed: Gov. Kim Reynolds proposed a one percent sales tax increase in 2020 for the fund to pay for it, increase mental health care, and reduce income taxes.

  • Although the plan was not approved by the legislature, she continues to advocate for water quality improvements. $75 million grant programThat was revealed last month.

The numbers:Brian Campbell, director at Iowa Environmental Council (IEC), told Axios that Iowa could reduce overall taxes and fund the trust.

  • Iowa’s total assets exceed $2 billion surplusor taxpayer relief funds, the largest state aid fund in history.
  • According to the Iowan government, the trust would cost Iowans $220 million annually. sales tax collectionsRecorded in the most recent fiscal year.

The bottom line: The IEC The largestEnvironmental coalition in the state estimated in 2019 that a voluntary program for clean water would take place Hundreds of thousands of yearsTo reach the desired goals.

What’s next: Reynolds and other lawmakers will be present at the Iowa Capitol Press Association Pre-Legislative Session Forum Tuesday in order to discuss policy and budget priorities.

  • The IEC PreviewWednesday, its legislative priorities.
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