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IPL 2022: Hardik has maintained an amazing team environment, says Rashid Khan

IPL 2022: Hardik has maintained an amazing team environment, says Rashid Khan

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Rashid Khan believes Hardik Pandya, who has been leading from the front and delivering inspirational performances, is also making every effort to create a happy environment for his team. This will result in a successful start by Gujarat Titans to its maiden IPL campaign.

Gujarat is now at the top of the table, with four wins from five matches. Hardik is currently in second place in run-getters. He also bowls well in every game.

Rashid said that Hardik (the team leader) has done a great job keeping the team’s environment clean, both on and off the field.

Rashid, the Afghan ace spinner, said Hardik was someone brave who always makes bold decisions.

“Hardik (Hardik) is someone who takes bold decisions, has confidence, and is very clear about what he wants to do.

Rashid said, “This is an important thing to be a captain. When your mind is clear and you make the right decisions, the result (care) will take care of itself.”

Rashid believes that Rashid is a leader because he can make the right decisions at just the right moment.

Rashid stated, “You make right decisions with confidence. That is what makes him the greatest and he has been delivering best so far and leading (be it batting, bowling, or fielding) from the front.”

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