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Japanese company NYK contributes to cleaner environment
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Japanese company NYK contributes to cleaner environment

NYK group, a global transport business, has launched the “Sail Green Project”. It is defined in the company’s midterm management plan and has been designated an Environmental, Governance, and Social model project. The car transport business aims for less environmental burden transportation.

It involves shipbuilding work to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of LNG fuel material carriers.”Sail Green project” is an entirely environmental project. We are trying to make a decision and move forward. The main point is clear. The ocean ship is the biggest emitter and the annual emissions of ocean-going ships are enormous. So, how can we lower them? Separately, we will reduce carbon dioxide emissions in every port where automobiles are transported from the factory to the terminal or another base. We will visualize how each car reduces carbon dioxide emissions during transport from the factory to customers. This will help us solve environmental problems. According to Takaya Soga (Senior Managing Executive Officer at NYK group), “For example, if one car is transported along a single route, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced from 100 percent to 60 or 50%.” “We want to make more contributions towards the world with the consent from our customers. NYK Group is working on ESG management strategies from many angles and positioning itself as the backbone to management. We have to deliver goods, especially as a shipping company. Fossil fuels can be one of our cargoes. However, in the future, the main cargo flow will not be crude oil or coal. Instead, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and liquid hydrogen will be transported. He said that shipping companies like ours will research and learn how to safely transport these new materials, and new resources.”

NYK is a social change group in an ever-changing era of energy resources. (ANI)

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