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Kirsten Einhorn – Respect for the Environment

Kirsten Einhorn – Respect for the Environment

Published at 5:13.34 PM on 4/6/2022

Modified: 4/6/2022, 5:12:32 PM

We live in a beautiful area. My husband and me often look at each others when we return from trips in this area or abroad.

I have always been outdoors-loving and hiking on the local trails became almost a daily routine during the pandemic. I found so many beautiful nooks in the valley. It is both saddening and frustrating to see how much trash is being discarded all around. It seems that rolling down the car’s window and lifting your can, bottle, or fast food container has become acceptable.

You can also drop your junk outside if you are unable to take it to the dump. If the trash is not covered in tall grass, leaves, or snow, it will be more visible.

I saw seven dog bags, all black, on a hike along a trail. Why is it important to bring a bag? To pick up the poop, tie a knot, and then drop it. Isn’t it better to let your dog go about its business and not worry about it? The end result is the exact same, but without the plastic bag.

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If we don’t care about our local environment, how can we ever solve the global environmental crisis?

Kirsten Einhorn


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