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Lennox Industries introduces a new cold climate heat pump that focuses on environmental sustainability.

Lennox Industries introduces a new cold climate heat pump that focuses on environmental sustainability.

(PRNewsfoto/Lennox Industries)

Lennox unveiled the SL25XPV heat pumps at the International Builders’ Show (IBS), Orlando, FL

RICHARDSON Texas, Feb. 7, 2022/PRNewswire/ – For 127 years Lennox Industries has built a legacy of manufacturing and distributing high-performance, energy-efficient products centered on sustainability-driven innovation. Today, Lennox introduced the Dave Lennox Signature at today’s National Association of Home Builders’ International Builders”’ Show.The SL25XPV heat pumps are the most efficient and precise on the market. Now with TruHeat Performance, Lennox is delivering on its promise to provide comfort throughout the home through perfect air.

(PRNewsfoto/Lennox Industries)

(PRNewsfoto/Lennox Industries)

Lennox’s commitment towards environmental sustainability continues with the variable-capacity SL25XPV Heat Pump. This is a significant step forward in their ongoing product innovation and advancements in energy usage and emission reductions.

“This industry-changing cold-climate heat pump offers maximum energy efficiency without sacrificing high-quality performance that comes standard with Lennox products,” stated Mr. Tim BrizendineDirector of Product Management, Lennox Industries. “Indoor air quality and comfort have become more important to homeowners in the past two decades.” The SL25XPV heat pumps provide homeowners with rich warmth comparable to a gas furnace while ensuring the lowest possible environmental impact.

The SL25XPV heat pumps are nationally recognized as the most efficient ENERGY STAR products. They have a efficiency rating of up to 24 Seasonal Efficiency Ratios (SEER) or 11.8 Heating Seasonal Performance Factors (HSPF). This heat pump reduces greenhouse gas emissions and meets the strict energy efficiency standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Lennox uses core technologies such as TruHeat Performance and Precise Comfort to achieve unmatched efficiency. These core technologies adjust heating and cooling output in precise, minute increments. This heat pump delivers more heat for less energy than previous generations of traditional heat pumps. This new technology allows homeowners to take advantage the energy efficient capabilities and save up to 58% annually, even if they live in the coldest regions.

Quantum Coil, a Lennox-exclusive aluminum alloy, was also introduced to provide long-lasting reliability and weather resistance for its latest heat pump. This coil technology, exclusive to Lennox allows the unit to have a longer lasting sustainability which preserves system performance and reduces its environmental footprint.

Lennox International Inc. (LII), has formally committed to preserving the environment, and reducing the effects of climate change. One of the ways they have promoted sustainability is through product innovation. LII was established recently. AnnouncementIts commitment towards the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi).The, a global alliance that is leading the way in tackling climate change by enabling companies and organizations to set science-based emission targets. LII’s ambitious science targets for greenhouse gas emissions reduction, which are in line with climate science, have been approved.

  • Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 37.5%. This will be achieved through efficiency improvements and continued operational improvement.

  • Scope 3 emissions reduced by 30% per product sold, building on LII’s rich history of innovation.

According to this statement, “The vast majority Scope 3 greenhouse gases emitted by our industry come from the use of HVAC products by consumers.” Betty UngermanVP, Deputy General Counsel/Chief ESG and Ethics & Compliance Officer at LII. “LII’s bold commitment towards reducing global warming is evident in the approval of our science-based targets. We will rise to the challenge of a more sustainable world by continuing our tradition of bringing innovative and efficient products to market to reduce the carbon footprint of our end-users.

Lennox’ Ultimate Comfort System includes the SL25XPV heat pumps. This heat pump combines the most efficient Lennox products to create an unparalleled whole-home comfort system that seamlessly integrates intelligently. Find a Lennox dealer near to you, or learn more about Lennox Industries and its pursuit of perfect air.

About Lennox Industries
Lennox Industries, a division Lennox International Inc. NYSE: LII, is constantly in pursuit of perfect air. We believe everyone should have it. We can help you achieve perfect air, whatever your definition of perfection. Lennox is a pioneer in indoor air quality products, including the first ultra-low-emission furnace and the quietest heating and cooling units on the market. Lennox’s approach to product design has earned it more Dealer Design Awards than all its competitors and multiple ENERGY STAR Most Efficient certifications. Lennox is proud to be a contributor to its communities by investing in the future HVAC industry and giving back through the Feel The Love corporate social responsibility program. Visit to learn more about how Lennox is changing the air.

About Lennox International
Lennox International Inc. is a global leader for energy-efficient climate control solutions. Our indoor air quality, indoor air quality and refrigeration systems are all designed to create healthier, more sustainable environments for residential and commercial customers. Lennox International stock can be traded under the symbol “LII” on the New York Stock Exchange. Additional information about Lennox International can be found at



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