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Mamba pushes to promote environment agenda

Mamba pushes to promote environment agenda

TUGUEGARAO CITY Vice-gubernatorial candidate for the presidency is pushing for the “I Love Cagayan River Movement” platform in the 2022 local elections.

Francisco Mamba 3rd is the nephew of the incumbent Gov. Manuel Mamba stated that environmental protection and the Cagayan development Agenda (Caganda 2025) will help boost the economy of the province.

“The I Love Cagayan River Movement seeks to clean and dredge Cagayan River which is heavily soiled causing floods in low-lying areas,” said the 25-year old Mamba.

Typhoon “Ulysses”, which struck the province of Cagayan in September 2011, affected thousands of families and damaged infrastructures worth millions of pesos. Due to the river’s swelling, the province also lost billions in agriculture.

According to the young Mamba, sustainable movement was started to reduce flooding and stabilize the soil along the river banks.

He said, “We started planting bamboo as it strengthens the soil, mitigates soil erosion, and may result in the siltation of a river.”

Cagayan has one main goal: to get the province back into the international trading arena, particularly with the Asian neighboring nations.

He said that China is only two days away by sea from Aparri, China.

The vice-gubernatorial nominee stated that because of the deep waters and heavy siltation, vessels or ships are unable to barge in or dock at the port.

“As of right now, the Cagayan dream is to reopen the port. He stated that the dredging operation also generates revenue for his province and has made it possible for his dream to come true.

The young visionary leader explained, in addition, that the reopening port is research-driven. It will be profitable for Cagayan.

“The Cagayano dream consists of being part of the international arena, international trade, and a highlighted heritage which will generate profits for the development of our lands. We need honest leaders who are capable of pursuing the dream. Mamba spoke to The Manila Times in an interview. “I see so much potential here, however we need collaborative leadership in order to be able to implement these plans,” Mamba said.

The young candidate holds a degree as a Public Administration student and is currently studying law. He is an active environmental advocate and an athlete.

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