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Medline wins 2021 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards for Environmental Initiatives
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Medline wins 2021 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards for Environmental Initiatives

SEAL Awards recognizes Medline for sustainable packaging.

Medline’s leadership in combining product innovation and sustainable design is demonstrated again by the Sustainable Packaging Lab

NORTHFIELD, Ill., Dec. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — MedlineToday, it was announced that it was the winner of today’s 2021 Sustainability, Leadership Business Sustainability Award and Environmental AchievementIn the category of environmental initiatives Sustainable Packaging LabMedline’s innovative cross-functional group (SPL), combines their diverse skills to reduce material waste in company’s product packaging. The SEAL Awards are an annual recognition of the 50 most sustainable companies around the world, as well as the most innovative and impactful environmental initiatives.

SEAL Awards recognizes Medline for sustainable packaging.

Medline’s sustainable packaging is recognized by the SEAL Awards.

“Winning a SEAL Business Sustainability award for environmental initiatives is an exciting acknowledgement of Medline’s commitment to transparency and leadership in the development and delivery of our products, which are vital to supporting a healthy and vibrant healthcare system across the continuum. Francesca OlivierMedline’s senior director for social responsibility. “Our Sustainable Packaging Lab has a positive impact on our industry as we increase our focus on environmental, governance, and social issues that drive change in the business and our industry as a whole.”

SEAL Awards, an environmental advocacy organization, honors the most sustainable companies and top journalism organizations around the world. The organization also supports environmental research and carries out environmental impact campaigns.

Medline’s goal to improve healthcare is to make it more sustainable. A recent study entitled “The Future of Healthcare” found that 80% of respondents said they were satisfied with the service.Recycling medical plasticsDue to the pandemic, close to 200,000,000 personal protective products, such as masks and goggles, are being used each month. This adds to the existing 16.6 tons of medical debris generated in the country every day. AsiaThe United States generates 5.9 million tons of waste each year. The existing recycling systems cannot deal with much of today’s packaging. Only 16% of plastic waste is recycled into new plastics, and nearly half are sent to landfills.

Medline’s SPL has new packaging ideas to help reduce healthcare waste. The SPL was launched in fall 2020 and brings together experts from research and development (R&D), sustainability designers, and engineers to reimagine the way products are packaged. They come up with solutions to improve packaging materials, promote minimalism, increase productivity, and facilitate new product innovation through the systematic incorporation of recycled or renewable material in the company’s packaging materials.

“Our collection is full of sustainable packaging solutions that minimize our impact on the environment, while innovating the storage of product in our facilities, how much product can be stored per branch and our ability to deliver product promptly,” said the spokesperson. Trenton BortzMedline sustainability specialist. “In just one year, we have saved more than 850,000 pounds of packaging waste and also cut costs. This shows that sustainability is not only good for the environment but also for our business.

The SPL began by overhauling the cold chain packaging of Medline. This resulted in the creation of a fully recyclable cold-chain shipper that saved 315,000 lbs annually. The SPL was able to innovate how Medline’s distribution centers store product. This involved converting to chipboard pallet sheet, which saved 46,000 lbs and maximized warehouse square footage. Medline’s SPL continues to innovate to meet its needs.

  • Redesigning products to fit a greater number of product and packaging in a small space. This reduces the shipping and packaging required.

  • SKU consolidation services are offered to customers to make it easier to store SKUs on shelves and in the warehouse.

  • We have eliminated polystyrene from our facilities

  • To reduce waste, replace plastic bottles with dissolved materials

Visit us to learn how Medline’s sustainability program is making a difference in our communities. Here.

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Medline is a healthcare company. It is a distributor, manufacturer, and solutions provider that focuses on improving healthcare’s overall operating performance. Medline works with both large healthcare systems in the country and smaller facilities throughout the continuum to provide the clinical resources and supply chain resources necessary for long-term financial viability and high-quality care. Medline can invest in its customers long-term, and respond quickly with customized solutions. It has the size of a large company and the agility and flexibility of a family business. Headquartered at Northfield, Ill.Medline employs more than 27,000 people in over 125 countries and territories. They have a fleet that includes nearly 1,200 trucks. Medline is available at




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