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Milind Soman – New Years Day Special: Health, Fitness and Environment
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Milind Soman – New Years Day Special: Health, Fitness and Environment

New Delhi:The world is about to enter a new year. They can use it as an opportunity to start or increase their fitness journey in times when there is a global pandemic. Banega Swasth India’s team spoke with Milind, actor, supermodel/film producer, and fitness enthusiast, in a special interview. He is known for breaking down stereotypes and pushing the boundaries of fitness and has proven time and again that age does not matter. So what is Milind Soman’s motivation and what should we learn from him when it comes time to create a new fitness/health routine in the New Year.

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Milind Soman says that challenges inspire her

In 2012, Mr. Soman set himself the challenge to run from Delhi to Mumbai. This was to raise awareness on health and the environment as well as what people can do to help save the Earth. He took up another challenge earlier in the month and cycled 1,000 km from Mumbai, India to Delhi. The 56-year-old supermodel set out to raise awareness about air pollution and promote greener transport options like cycling. He said that challenges are what inspire him. He said,

I like being fit. The feeling of good health, the ability to do anything I want, whenever and wherever I want, is what motivates me. I challenge myself at least three to four times per year. Even though I had not ridden a bike in the last four years, I was intrigued by this cycle ride. Although it would have been easy if I were cycling every day, this was a difficult task because I hadn’t ridden a bicycle in four years. I want to believe that I can do whatever I set my mind to, be it running from another town or climbing a mountain. Because they remind me that I am strong and can do anything I want, I find it motivating to take on new challenges.

Mr Soman says that taking care of oneself will help restore environmental health.

Mr. Soman emphasized that everyone can make a positive contribution to the environment’s health if they take care of themselves and the surrounding. He stated,

I believe that if everyone did a little bit and made small efforts towards our mental and physical health, then we would not be facing the environmental crisis we are currently facing. We create a lot pollution because of technology and our desire for convenience and comfort. We need to curb these desires. We have become a consumerist society. We all know and discuss the fact that we consume and consume. And what will we leave for our children and grandchildren? It is not about the next generation, however, I must stress. It’s about the generation that is already born, our next generation. They won’t be able do the same things I do when they reach half my age or my age because their lungs wouldn’t be strong enough.

He said that people are now beginning to realize that the climate change resulting from human activities is a major crisis for humanity. However, individual and collective actions for protecting the environment are not sufficient. He stated,

While we know the environment will always be there, it is possible that we might not be there. All of us can do our part to create a living environment for the next generation. Small acts such as picking up garbage and jogging – without worrying about who caused it – can make a huge difference.

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Eat Local, Seasonal, and in Moderate Amount

Mr. Soman, who recently began growing his own food, said that food is crucial for a healthy body. However, one should exercise extreme caution when deciding what goes in their bodies. He said that food acts as medicine. It should be seasonal and locally procured, and it should be consumed in moderate quantities. He stated,

During the pandemic, I began growing food. While you can’t grow everything you need, it is possible to do some things that will help you get started. Other than this, my priorities are eating locally, eating seasonal, and eating whole foods. While I do sometimes eat packaged food, the priority is home-cooked and fresh. The best tip for better eating is to eat the same food your grandparent ate.

He also suggested that people should try different foods to find out what is good for their health. He stated,

Your body and mind will be affected by what you eat. Don’t eat food just because it looks good.

Only if you realize that fitness can be a priority, Milind Soman

Mr. Soman said that fitness can be a part of a person’s life and a priority if they realize how important it is to keep fit. He said that people need to take steps whenever they realize that they are not doing enough to stay strong and fit.

Begin with small goals, such as a minute of exercise every day. Be consistent. He recommended that you keep it up and increase your intensity each day.

He emphasized how people of previous generations were more resilient because they had a healthy lifestyle and exercised a lot. He also stated that comfort is not something humans are designed for. Mr Soman stated,

Our bodies are not meant to be comfortable. It is designed to work hard. You can take something that was designed for one thing and use it for another, it will eventually deteriorate. It will break down. It is important to keep working, keep trying new things, and never stop learning. You can see how strong the previous generations were. They could walk 40-50 km. They didn’t think it was something they should consider and could easily do it. However, we can’t imagine even driving that much. This is how weak we are both mentally and physically. We are also weak emotionally because we have disassociated ourselves from the toughness needed to face life. We are conditioned to believe that comfort and convenience is all that matters. However, we must understand that we were built to face challenges.

He stated that over the past 10 years, he has seen that people are becoming more aware of the importance and benefits of staying fit and healthy. He also said that India is home to the fastest-growing running community in the world. According to him, the running events have been dominated by men and there has been a decrease in participation from women. Pinkathon was started by him as a running event for women. His goal is to encourage women to exercise and to take time for their own personal health.

He spoke out about the link between mental and physical health. He stated,

You can make better decisions if you do something for your mental health. A stronger mindset will help you make the right decisions and impact the environment. I keep telling people that the environment doesn’t need to be a concern. All we have to do is make good choices every day.

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NDTV DettolSince 2014, we have been working towards a healthy and clean India via the Campaign AmbassadorAmitabh Chan is the head of BanegaSwachh India. The campaign aims at highlightingThe interdependency between humans and the environment and the dependence of humans on each other with the focus on One Health and One Planet, One Future that Leaves No One Behind.It stresses on the need to take care of, and consider, everyones health in India especially vulnerable communities theLGBTQ population,indigenous people, Indias different tribes, ethnic and linguistic minorities, people with disabilities, migrants, geographically remote populations, gender and sexual minorities.In wake of the currentPandemic COVID-19WASHING is essentialWater,SanitationAndHygieneHandwashing is an important way to prevent Coronavirus infection.malnutrition, mental wellbeing, self-care science and healthAdolescent gender and health awareness. The campaign is not only concerned with the health and well-being of individuals, but also the health and well-being of the ecosystem. Human activity is causing the environment to become fragile. Not only are we over-exploiting existing resources, but we also generate immense pollution by using and extracting these resources. This imbalance has also caused immense biodiversity loss, which has been one of the greatest threats to human survival in climate change. It has been described as a “code red” for humanity.The campaign will continue to address issues such asair pollution,Waste management,plastic ban,Manual scavengingSanitation workersandMenstrual hygieneBanega Swasth India will be also promoting Swasth Bharat’s dream. This campaign believes that only an India that is clean and sanitized can make India a better place.toiletsThese are used andopen defecation free (ODF)Status attained as part of theSwachhbharat AbhiyanlaunchedPrime Minister Narendra Modi2014 will see the elimination of diahorrea, and the country will be a Swasth, or healthy India.






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3,48,61,579 22,775Cases

1,04,781 13,420Active

3,42,75,312 8,949Recovered

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There are many Indians. 3,48,61,579Cases confirmed including 4,81,486 deaths. The number of active cases is 1,04,781And 3,42,75,312As of January 1, 2022 at 2:20 am, they had been fully recovered

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