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Mobile Collection Service for Household Hazardous Waste in Dyer Franklin Williamson Counties April 30,

Mobile Collection Service for Household Hazardous Waste in Dyer Franklin Williamson Counties April 30,

On Saturday, April 30, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s mobile household hazardous waste collection service (TDEC), will be in Dyer and Franklin Counties.

Tennesseans are encouraged bring household hazardous waste, including cleaning fluids and pesticides, to a designated drop off location. To participate, a person does not have to reside in the county.

These are the drop-off points

Dyer CountyDyer County Fairgrounds: Pepsi Pavilion, 296 James H. Rice Rd. Dyersburg, 8 am-noon John Pleasant can be reached at (731) 287-9755.

Franklin County Joyce Lane Recycle Center, 487 Joyce Lane, Winchester, 8 a.m.-1 p.m. William Anderson can be reached by calling (931) 966-739.

Williamson CountyWilliamson County Administrative Complex 1320 West Main St. Franklin. Jennifer Stanley can be reached at (615) 786 161.

Commissioner David Salyers of Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation stated that they are pleased to offer the opportunity to properly dispose of household hazardous waste. Tennesseans will be able to demonstrate their commitment by making it as simple as possible to protect the environment.

Since 1993, more 360,000 Tennessee households had disposed of over 23 million pounds of material. Over 1,400 one-day collection events have been held.

Household hazardous waste materials should not be mixed with regular garbage. They are toxic, corrosive, flammable, toxic, and/or reactive and/or reactive. Cleaning fluids such as pesticides, mercury thermometers or thermostats, fluorescent bulbs, button batteries, fluorescent lamps (liquid and liquid), aerosols adhesives, medications brake fluid, chemicals for swimming pools, paint thinner, used needles and paint thinner are all acceptable to be disposed of. Not accepted are ammunition, explosives and alkaline batteries. Paint, electronics, as well as any empty containers that can’t be disposed of in regular trash. For household hazardous waste collection, there is no charge or appointment.

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Although household hazardous waste may not be charged for disposal, Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator (i.e. Wastes from non-household sources like businesses, schools and farms, churches, and so on. It is necessary to make an appointment. To schedule an appointment or request a price estimate, please call (615-643-3170).

Many localities and counties offer services for collecting oil, paint and antifreeze. These BOPAE materials, if handled properly, are safe but not suitable for collection at household hazardous disposal events. Tennesseans are advised to contact their local county solid waste office to find BOPAE collections sites in their area.

To prevent cross-contamination and spillages in your truck’s trunk or truck, place materials in sturdy cardboard boxes. Keep materials away from pets and children.

For more information on the household hazardous material mobile collection service, please dial 800-287-9013 or go to this TDEC link.

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