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Mtwara Port granted six months to clear environment gaps

Mtwara Port granted six months to clear environment gaps

Dr Selemani jafo, the Minister of state on the Vice Presidents Office Union and Environment, issued this directive yesterday during an inspection tour of port to verify compliance of provisions of the Environmental Management Act of2004.

After discovering that the existing storage area does not meet the required environmental standards, he instructed the port authorities in order to create a designated zone for coal storage for export.

He stated that the port was doing well in transport and was of great economic importance to the country. Therefore, it should be an example of compliance with all environmental conditions.

We issued a certificate for coal storage. This coal is heavy-metal. The certificate does not include a wedding card, so I asked him to show me the storage conditions.

The port management was told to reserve a specific area for coal storage. However, they decided to do another thing, he said, noting that officials from the National Environmental Management Council had imposed a penalty for that omission. He stressed that we want our port to be in compliance with all government regulations.

“Personallly, I am relieved that cashews are being transported through the port. This shows the road infrastructure is maintained, and you provide employment here for our youth. Also, cement passes through here, so there is an economy growing,” the minister stated.

Boniface Guni (NEMC southern zone manager) stated that the port received an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA certificate) in 2019. He was also given conditions such as the installation of coal pollution checking infrastructure. This infrastructure can capture rainwater and dust into the sea after the coal cargo has been drained.

Manager said that the certificate conditions had not been taken up and that instead, the port used another location which was incompatible with being issued with the certificate.

Norbert Kalembo said that the port manager was going to follow the instructions of the minister. He expressed gratitude for the environmental inspections and promised to continue working on the findings.

Mtwara Port has been involved, in particular, in receiving and transporting coal and cement in recent months.

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