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New Jersey becomes the nation’s latest clean truck state, while Dumping Dirty Diesel

New Jersey becomes the nation’s latest clean truck state, while Dumping Dirty Diesel

TRENTON (NJ) Today, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection – NJDEP adoptedThe Advanced Clean Trucks rule (ACT) is a regulatory pathway for electrifying everything in New Jersey, from delivery vans to tractor trucks. New Jersey is One of many statesCalifornia’s ACT rule should be adopted in this year’s progress. Washington and Oregon recently adopted the ACT rule. Together, these states make up more than 20% of the national fleet medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

The ACT rule requires manufacturers that they sell and deliver pollution-free zero emission trucks to New Jersey starting in 2025. It also requires 40-75 percent more zero-emission truck sales before 2035.

The Murphy administration was urged to adopt the ACT rule by a diverse coalition of environmental, business and public health advocates. The rule will not only deliver zero-emission trucks in New Jersey, but it will also reduce diesel emissions. Advocates for environmental justiceThey believe it is not sufficient to guarantee emission reductions in environmental justice groups. New Jersey is moving forward with other clean truck policies such as the Heavy-Duty Omnibus RuleThe State should ensure that regulations are put in place to reduce pollution in communities already burdened by it.

Studies have shownNew Jersey could save hundreds lives, prevent thousands of additional respiratory diseases, and reduce millions metric tons of greenhouse gas and NOx emissions.


“We are pleased that the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is moving forward with the ACT rules. This is a major step towards moving New Jersey away form dirty diesel trucks and building safer and more healthy communities across the state. This rule will significantly reduce emissions coming from the transportation sector, which accounts for 41% of New Jersey’s total greenhouse gas emissions.Anjuli Ramos Busot, Sierra Club’s New Jersey Chapter Director, said. “This rule will also reduce emissions of air pollutants such as NOx and fine particulate matter, (PM2.5). This will make a significant impact on the health and well-being of our communities.

Gov. Governor Murphy and the Department of Environmental Protection made this rulemaking boldly. This rule will provide cleaner air, powerful opportunities that improve equity, and stimulate economic growth in New Jersey. Mary BarberDirector, State Affairs at the Environmental Defense Fund. We need to work together with policymakers, utilities, and the private sector to create the charging infrastructure needed to fuel zero-emission trucks. This will ensure that they are on our roads as soon possible.

New Jersey is now leading the charge for a more sustainable transportation system with today’s decision. While there is still much work to do to reduce emissions in frontline communities and the ACT rule is a good starting point. said Jennifer Helfrich, senior manager, state policy, Ceres.Major corporations support this rule to increase the supply of clean vehicles in their supply chains. Many companies are already making efforts to turn their fleets. However, they need strong policies from leading states to ensure that this technology is available at the scale and scope required to address the climate crisis. We hope today’s decision will lead to adoption in more states so that all communities can reap the huge climate, public and business benefits.

Sometimes, the hardest decision is to admit that you made a grave error and then to work through the consequences. Many have made errors in relation to the health, equity and quality of lives of our poor, black and brown communities. Marcus Sibley New Jersey State Conference NAACP, climate justice and environmental chairman There are no quick fixes for the realities of centuries of racist policies and practices. However, we can take bold steps to create a better future. We are grateful to Governor Murphy and the NJDEP for the adoption of the ACT rule. Clean air is a human right.

“The Advanced Clean Truck rule, which electrifies the most polluting vehicles on New Jersey roads, is a major step forward in our climate and our health,” Hayley Berliner, Clean Energy Advocate for Environment New Jersey.“If we are to achieve our ambitious climate goals, then we must electrify all New Jersey’s wheels. The Advanced Clean Truck rule is a crucial way to do that. We are grateful to Governor Murphy, the NJDEP and the entire administration for making New Jersey a leader in truck electrification on the East Coast.

The ACT rule will be adopted by more states, creating a tsunami of demand for zero-emission technologies and innovation. This will bring more options and lower costs. We all know that switching to all electric powered trucks and goods moving will not happen overnight. However, it is essential to protect public health, address the climate crisis, create family sustaining green jobs, and ensure public safety. Amy Goldsmith

NJ State Director, Clean Water Action.

“New Jersey has shown its strong commitment towards a clean energy future through its adoption of the Advanced Clean Trucks rule,” Jaqi Cohen, Director Climate and Equity Policy at Tri-State Transportation Campaign, said: “Transportation is responsible for the largest portion of New Jersey’s total greenhouse gas emissions. This is due in large part to its dependence on diesel-powered vehicles. New Jersey will reduce its dependence upon dirty fossil fuels and become a leader in climate change mitigation and leadership for the rest. We are proud of Governor Murphy’s decision to adopt the ACT. It is a win for our communities and our public health. It will also help ensure the future of our transportation industry.


About the Sierra Club The Sierra Club is America’s largest grassroots environmental organization with millions of members. The Sierra Club is committed to protecting everyone’s right to be outdoors and to access the healing powers of nature. They also work to promote clean energy, protect the health of communities, preserve wildlife, and preserve wild places through grassroots activism as well as lobbying, education, and legal action. Visit for more information.

Environmental Defense Fund (, a leading international nonprofit organization, creates transformational solutions to the most serious environmental problems. EDF connects science, economics and law through innovative partnerships in the private sector. EDF has offices in the United States of America, China, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Our 750 scientists, economists and attorneys, along with our partners and allies, work in 26 countries to implement our solutions. Connect with us Twitter, FacebookOur website, and our Energy Program blog.

CeresThe Nonprofit Organization that works with the most influential capital markets leaders to solve the greatest sustainability challenges in the world. We mobilize action through our strong networks and global collaborations between investors, companies and non-profits to promote equitable market-based solutions and policy solutions across the economy in order build a just sustainable future. Visit for more information. Follow @CeresNews

About the NAACPFounded in 1909 by the NAACP, it is the oldest and largest nonpartisan civil right organization in the nation. Its members are the foremost advocates for civil right in their communities, both in the United States as well as around the globe. Learn more about The New Jersey State Conference NAACP and the many local units in the state, as well as the advocacy efforts and the annual convention.

Environment New Jersey Research & Policy Center Our mission is to protect our air, water, and open spaces. We are committed to protecting the places we love, advancing the environmental values we all share, and achieving real results for the environment. For more information, please visit

Clean Water Action Clean Water Action was founded in 1972 during the campaign to pass landmark Clean Water Act. Since then, Clean Water Action has been working to secure strong environmental and health protections. Clean Water Action brings issue expertise, solution-oriented thinking, and people power to the table.

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