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New research shows that Cardiff is most at risk from flooding because of the UK’s climate crisis

New research shows that Cardiff is most at risk from flooding because of the UK’s climate crisis

New research reveals Cardiff faces greatest risk of flooding due to the climate crisis in the UK

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According to new research, Cardiff is the most at-risk local authority due to the current climate crisis.

According to exclusive data shared with The Independent, two other areas of Wales, Neath Port Talbot, and Rhondda Cynon Taf also make up the 10 most vulnerable regions in the UK.

Fathom, a Bristol-based flood mapping company, claims that their new research is the first to use climate data to predict which areas are most at risk from flooding by heavy rainfall or rivers by 2050.

The company’s data calculates that by 2050 the number of properties vulnerable to non-coastal flooding will increase by close to 25%.

New research shows that although there are approximately 1.09 million properties in Great Britain at risk of flooding, this number will rise to 1.35million by mid-century, a nearly 25% increase.

Fathom’s model defines risk as having a greater than 1 per cent chance of non-coastal flooding in any given year, a standard measure, according to the company.


Denbighshire was dropped from the top ten list since it was last updated in 2020. Clackmannanshire will replace them.

The new report highlights the most vulnerable local authorities.

Lage % of properties at Risk 2020 is the year of change
Cardiff 17.09% +15.06%
Windsor and Maidenhead 16.18% +14.61%
Warrington 14.36% +13.28%
Barking and Dagenham 12.31% +11.56%
Neath Port Talbot 12.20%  +7.88%
Scottish Borders 10.57% +9.24%
Rhondda Cynon Taf 9.31% +7.95%
West Berkshire 9.02% +8.20%
Greenwich 8.92% +8.52%
Clackmannanshire 8.72% +7.45%

“If you look at the places in Great Britain that are mostly at risk, South Wales and places along major rivers are most noticeable, but flood risk is everywhere and depends strongly on local geography,” Professor Paul Bates, Chair of Hydrology at the University of Bristol and co-founder of Fathom told the Independent.

He spoke out about the increased risk in Neath port Talbot due to the fact that many properties in the area are located just at the edge of flood risk zones and will be affected by the climate crisis.

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