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Newsom isn’t doing enough to fight climate change, group says

Newsom isn’t doing enough to fight climate change, group says

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A group of former and current elected officials has a message to send to California Governor. Gavin NewsomClimate Change: Learn More

California’s Elected Officials Protect America, a group made up of 430 California elected officials, released that statement in response to Newsom’s State of the State address and the ongoing climate crisis facing California (and the rest of the globe).

The group gave Newsom its applause, but stated that this is just the beginning of what must be done.

“With all due respect for the work the Governor has achieved in our race to save humanity from these calamities — it’s not enough. Only he has the power with the stroke of a pen to take bolder action that would achieve the goals EOPA California has outlined,” the group said in a statement.

“To that end over 430 elected officials, representing more than half of Californians, have signed our letter urging immediate action for him to stop issuing new fossil fuel permits, phase out fossil fuels, and institute 2,500-foot buffers between existing drill operations and community sites, while ensuring a just transition for workers in the fossil fuel industries as the state transitions to 100 percent clean energy,” the group said. “We appreciate that the Governor has taken steps in these areas, but they are invisible actions for every Californian who breathes deadly toxins daily, and will not be enough to meet the challenge the world faces. The magnitude of the global climate crisis demands action at the same scale.”

The group cites United Nations 2022 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report that warns nations that they are not doing enough to protect people from the impacts of climate change.

“California must live up to its reputation of being a climate leader and invest in green energy solutions like offshore wind to ensure our energy independence. It’s time to build a 100 percent clean energy economy that provides union jobs, secures our energy supply and environmental justice, lowers families’ energy bills and allows every youth in our state to grow up breathing clean air to live long lives. We have the technologies. Now it’s up to Governor Newsom to lead our state, and the nation,” the group said.

You can see the letter that Newsom received from the group here You can visit here.


Sen. Scott WienerD-San Francisco – Senator Yuri Sokolove has introduced a bill that would require state agencies and public schools to conduct a water quality assessment of their facilities.

SB 1144 Water systems in schools and state buildings must be tested for contaminants like lead, radon, and Legionella. Any plumbing fixture that is found to have levels of contaminants that exceed legal limits or uses more water than the current standards for water efficiency allow must be replaced as soon as possible.

“Every child deserves clean and safe drinking water,” Wiener said in a statement. “And every child deserves to grow up in a state where water is an abundant resource. Californians should be protected from water contaminated with harmful chemicals and bacteria that could cause permanent damage to their health. We have the tools to make sure our water systems are efficient and clean, and to recycle water whenever we can. SB 1144 will help make sure we’re using them.”

According to Wiener’s office, more than half (53%) of California school districts have found lead in at least one of their drinking fountains on campus. Exposure to water contaminants can lead to numerous health issues and complications, such as Legionnaires’ disease, liver and kidney problems, developmental and behavioral issues and cancer.

“For environmental and health reasons, California must do better when it comes to water safety and efficiency. We cannot allow people across the state – including children and low income communities – to continue to be exposed to harmful contaminants. California’s water shortage is another serious problem that threatens the future of our state. Increasing water efficiency and employing graywater systems for water reuse are two important strategies for saving California’s water supply and protecting our environment,” according to a statement from Wiener’s office.

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The sponsor of SB 1144 is the California Pipe Trades Council.


“In the midst of turmoil, California is creating a roadmap. Be open to all forms of diversity while finding common ground. Unifying – not exploiting divisions. All are welcome to join the fight for a better country. That’s the California Way.”

– Gov. Gavin Newsom, via Twitter.

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