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NGO provides training for journalists in reporting on climate change, health, and environment.

NGO provides training for journalists in reporting on climate change, health, and environment.

The Centre for Journalism Innovation and DevelopmentCJIDThe ), a nongovernmental organisation (NGO), organized a training session for 20 journalists and researchers in Nigeria to understand the link between climate change, health, and environment.

The two-day training, which held on April 20 and April 21, was part of CJID’s activities to mark the 2022 World Health Day themed, Our Planet, Our Health.

Akintunde Babatunde, deputy director at CJID, said the devastating impact of climate change on people’s health necessitated the training.

He said that it was time for journalists and researchers with the right skills not only to tell the stories about vulnerable groups facing the effects of climate change but also hold governments accountable.

Vivian Chime was a participant in the training and said that it has renewed her passion for great stories to pursue.

The facilitators were very detailed in their explanations and took the time to draw connections between climate change, environment, health, governance, and everyday life,” she said.

I was impressed by the number of brilliant minds that attended the training, as well as the insightful conversations about the future of Africa in relation to climate change and sustainability.

Seyifunmi Adebote, another participant, stated that the training would set a new standard in reporting on various climate and health issues.

“In the last five years of working around climate change and environmental policies across Nigeria and beyond, it has always been clear that there are strong connections between health and climate change, but I haven’t had the opportunity to write about this, he said.

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“I was intrigued with how the resource persons practically explained the strong connection between health, climate change, and environmental issues in Nigeria, with a focus on how we can see similar issues through different lenses and write about them.”

Abdulkareem Mojeed also shared his experience, saying that the training opened up new perspectives and revealed how climate change manifestations impact the environment and the health implications for the ecosystem.

Journalists will receive story grants to help them produce data-driven, insightful analyses on issues such as climate change, environment, or health.

This story was published in partnership by Report for the World, an international service program that supports local public-interest journalism.

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