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Norwalk allocates $6.7M in ARPA funds for environment and sustainability

Norwalk allocates $6.7M in ARPA funds for environment and sustainability

NORWALK The city intends to use more than $6 million from its American Rescue Plan Act funds in the future to support green infrastructure and sustainability.

In a presentation provided to the Common Councils Economic and Community Development Committee, head of economic and community development Jess Vonashek outlined the four different city sectors that will receive green infrastructure through ARPA: Business support, walkability/connectivity, environmental/green space/livability and housing.

Vonashek explained that of the more $39 million in ARPA funds the city will receive, $6.7 million or 17 % will be used to support Norwalk’s economic growth.

Vonashek stated that we looked at many different plans and studies and found over 150 projects through those plans. We will be able advance more than 90% of these efforts by using different funding sources. We are in a great spot to be able move forward with a number economic and community-development efforts. We are trying to build healthy neighborhoods.

Of the $6.7 million appropriated for community development, $3.4 million will go toward business support, $1.9 million for walkability/connectivity, $995,000 for environmental/green space and $120,000 for housing, Vonashek said.

The council allocated about $2 million to ARPA funds in December. Supporting local nonprofitsAnd several other thousands to get you started. Program for small business loans.

The $1.9 million that was appropriated will be divided among four projects to improve connectivity and walkability.

Vonashek indicated that $250,000 will be allocated to the Wall Street second and third phases. About $1 million will be used for sidewalks and bike lane construction in the city.

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