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Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum provides a learning environment for the community

Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum provides a learning environment for the community

AMARILLO (KFDA), Texas – The Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, (PPHM), opens a new STEAMLab learning facility.

STEAM stands to represent Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics.

The lab’s purpose is to provide a stimulating and interactive learning environment for students from all grades and ages.

Stephanie Price, PPHM Marketing director, is excited about the new space, and hopes it will attract students from all over the region.

Price says that our STEAM lab will be full of children from Texas Panhandle and other areas, who will learn about these subjects and how they can be incorporated into their daily lives.

The PPHM is renovating three spaces in the new Lab.

The PPHM has focused on improving education for students in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics over the past three-years.

Heather Friemel (Director of Finance and Business) has helped bring the STEAM Lab into being.

Three years ago, when we began talking about the STEAM Lab we felt that there was a need for children to get messy and interact. When you walk through a gallery it can be difficult to do that. In order to meet the community’s needs and to create an environment that allows kids to engage in fun, interactive learning experiences, Friemel says.

The museum is not just about collecting things. It’s a way of impacting our community. We want to create a space where kids can see objects and can make them or learn about the past. And they can chart the future. This is a way we can bridge the gap between the present and the future through this generation, Price says.

The STEAM Lab is available for school bookings from May 2022 through to the summer. During the summer, it’ll be open for public visits where the community can enjoy different experiments and lessons.

Price said that right now we are focusing on bringing our schools into the country and we want them to be there. We also want them to be part of the community and can’t wait to welcome the public in the summer.

The Lab will also be used to prepare local schools. TEK education standards.

Future TEKS will include projects

  • Designing rollercoasters – Force, Motion, Energy: 5.6D and 3.6B
  • Experiments with plant water filtration – (Organismes and Environments : 3.9A, 3.10C).
  • Heating and cooling experiments – (Matter and Energie: 1.5B).

This will allow students and teachers to reach their learning goals while having fun.

Friemel said that her favorite part about the Lab is yet ahead. It is the kids getting in there and learning from our educators and having fun. Seeing a windmill, coming in here to build it, and seeing the engineering behind some of these concepts is what I think is the most exciting part.

The construction of the Lab was made possible by West Texas A&M University and the PPHM.

We are grateful to West Texas A&M. One of their senior engineering classes designed the ductwork in the Lab. I believe this space will be an important catalyst WT and a great way to get kids an introduction here and to want to attend University, says Price.

The PPHM is excited to see what the future holds for the STEAM Lab.

Price says they are very excited to be a part the education of the youths of Texas Panhandle.

It’s the best part of this space. We are trying to meet the needs our children, our community, and the future. This space helps us to do this. And any way we can give something back, that’s our mission. Friemel agrees.

The grand opening ceremony of the STEAM Lab will take place on Thursday, January 27, at 2:20 p.m.

To make a reservation at STEAM Lab, Click here.

For more information on museum admission hours and costs, click here Click here.

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