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Peter Dykstra: Environmental hope is fading a year into the Biden Administration
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Peter Dykstra: Environmental hope is fading a year into the Biden Administration

In 1999’s ebullient days, NBC offered Michael Moore, an activist filmmaker, an unprecedented opportunity to confront corporate America.

It was a miracle! The Infuriating TruthThe 12 episodes of snarky primetime attacks on major CEOs (blue chip companies), insurers, pharmaceutical and health providers, TV network bosses and more lasted 12 minutes.

This type of network TV product has not been seen since. The Awful Truth that we now face is much worse.

If you care about the environment, here’s a look at the most recent worrying happenings. (Be prepared for depression).

  • Democratic Senators Joe Manchin (Democratic Senator) and Kyrsten Sienema (Democratic Senator) fulfilled the Republicans’ fondest wishes to kill President Bidens Build Back Better Bill. It is worth noting that Manchin was elected to the Senate in 2008. According to reports, he earned nearly half a million dollarsIn 2020, his coal-related stockholdings.
  • Biden’s reversal from President Trumps withdrawal of the Paris Climate Accord ended up being a failure. The 2021 meeting was held in Chile in December. Promises made were not clearMany great leaps forward
  • State legislative efforts RedestrictCongressional seats to favor Republican candidates in 2022 and beyond.
  • Failure to pass the new Voting rights legislationWould have a deeper impact on minorities and poor voters (i.e. Voters who tend to favor the Democrats overwhelmingly.
  • These moves reinforce the tendency of parties not holding the White House to get sucked in midterms, to quote Obamas description of the results from the 2010 midterms. The Expect Democrats to loseBoth the Senate and the House are under control
  • The party, which is poised to regain its Congressional dominance in the latter part of this year and possibly re-capture 2024’s White House, is deeply denial about the environment.
  • The IPCC announcementThe 2030 deadline, which is IMHO unwise, represents a hard deadline to global climate action. We were down to eight year on that deadline.
  • The evidence that climate change is imminent mounts: Global security is being challenged by droughts, downpours and freezes.
  • Internationally, there are several crises boiling over. Ukraine is looking more like a Cold War revival.
  • North Korea’s missile tests are a disaster
  • Chinas sabre-rattling against Taiwan
  • All the anger over climate change cannot be used to fund the next environmental barn burner: microplastics that clog our lakes, landfills, and lungs for ever.
  • Biden declared COVID-19 nearly defeated last July 4. Omicron followed, causing a serious wound to the President’s credibility.

It is clear that I don’t see many reasons to be happy. I’ll try to put some together for next weekend.


Peter Dykstra, our weekend editor and columnist, can be reached via [email protected] @pdykstra.

His views may not reflect those of Environmental Health News, The Daily Climate or publisher Environmental Health Sciences.

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