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Plastic bottles are not only bad for the environment, but they may also be making us fat

Plastic bottles are not only bad for the environment, but they may also be making us fat

Plastic is making us fat. (Credits: AFP)

Plastic already has been identified as having a disruptive impact on fertility. As phthalates, found in all everyday objects, reduce testosterone in men and the hormone that stimulates the growth of spermatozoa, phthalates have already been identified. We now know that plastic also makes you fat.

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  • Last Updated:February 1, 2022 at 16:28 IST

It is good for the environment to choose tap water over bottled water. Recent research has shown that plastic can also cause weight gain. Its components can have a disruptive impact on metabolism. Already, plastic has been shown to have a negative effect on fertility. Phthalates, which are found in everyday objects, decrease testosterone production in men. This hormone stimulates the production spermatozoa. We now know that plastic can also make your fat!

That’s the surprising finding of a scientific study conducted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, in partnership with the Goethe University in Frankfurt. There were 34 items that were used every day, including yogurt containers, water bottles, and kitchen sponges. No less than 55,000 chemical constituents were found in the products. Of the 629 substances that were identified, 11 are known as metabolism-disrupting chemicals. They can even make you more likely to be overweight or obese. Researchers found that chemicals found in more than a third the plastic products used in this study contributed to the creation of cells that can store lipids. The presence of these chemicals led to increased cell numbers and accumulation of fat.

Even more worryingly, plastic items were also found to contain chemicals that have not been identified as problematic previously but which “induced development of fat cells.”

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It is known that plastic materials can migrate into food, especially when heated. Food wrapped in plastic should not be stored for longer than necessary.

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