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Police committed to protecting the natural environment

Police committed to protecting the natural environment

Police committed to protecting the environment

The Chronicle

Bongani Ndlovu, Chronicle Reporter
Bulawayo police say they are committed protecting the environment and will bring to justice those who infringe on it.

This was the statement made yesterday by Officer Commanding Bulawayo Province Commissar Patton Mbangwa at a late National Tree Planting Day commemorations ceremony and Environmental Support Awards handover ceremony at ZRP Rose Camp.

The National Tree Planting Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of every month. This year’s tree planting day was held under the theme Keep the Environment Green, Combat Climate Change.

At the presentation of environment awards by Isandla Esihle/ Ruoko Rwakanaka Trust was Officer Commanding Administration Bulawayo Province, Assistant commissioner Dorcas Matshilana.

Commissioner Mbangwa stated that they have made great strides in protecting the environment.

This organisation has made huge strides in advocating for the rights and well-being of our mother nature, the voiceless. Commissioner Mbangwa said that the organisation has been committed to protecting natural resources, protecting fauna and flora, and helping the police to identify those who violate nature’s rights.

Today, it is worth mentioning that Ruwoko Rwakanaka and Isandla Esihle have joined forces to commemorate the National Tree Planting Day 2021. They presented awards to individuals and companies who demonstrated outstanding efforts in keeping the natural world alive in their surroundings.

Commissioner Mbangwa who planted a Tree, stated that trees are important for the environment.

We are grateful to receive the donation and will try to nurture them as best we can. We are grateful for the opportunity to one day be able to rejoice at the harvest we will reap from this donation. Commissioner Mbangwa praised the initiative of Isandla Esihle/Ruoko Rwakanaka.

As the Zimbabwe Republic Police we appeal to other stakeholders for support and to play a positive contribution in the efforts to reverse the effects of global warming.

Commissioner Mbangwa noted that companies and individuals who receive awards for outstanding and sterling efforts to protect the environment should be recognized.

These awards will encourage others who are slow or reluctant to take part in environmental protection affirmative actions. We congratulate Makorokoto and Amhlophe for receiving the awards. Mbangwa urged others to do the same and to keep the environment clean, safe, and green.

Awards were presented to Tonderai Shoko of Keep Bulawayo Clean Campaign and Khabelo Sibanda. Fanuel Macherechedze, Fanuel Makerechedze and Mike Kaseke representing Trek Service Stations at Bulawayo, Washington Kono of Gospel of God church International and Holiday Inn Funeral Services.

Mr Shoko expressed his gratitude for being acknowledged and embraced for his efforts to conserve the environment.
I am actually happy that recognition will encourage individuals, businesses, and churches to take an active role in protecting the environment. People should be proud that they are conserving the environment, said Mr Shoko.

He encouraged Zimbabweans not only to plant trees during tree planting commemorations but also any time.

Tree planting is important. Although we don’t often talk about it, we are the ones who cut the trees into firewood. We don’t replant them. Mr Shoko stated that we should plant trees on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or funerals.

Mr Never Bonde, a director of Isandla Esihle/ Ruoko Rwakanaka Trust for vegetation conservation and Zimbabwe National Tree Ambassador, said that they have been closely monitoring the individuals and companies for the past two-years.

We looked at how these companies had been looking after their environment, and some of them came out on top. There will be no doubt about the prowess of those who have been granted these certificates. Bonde stated that we have been closely monitoring these companies for two years.
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