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Postdocs interested in environmental issues are needed

Postdocs interested in environmental issues are needed

Are you a current postdoctoral associate at the University of Arkansas We are accepting nominations to be Environmental Dynamics postdoctoral associates. This is an unpaid action that will provide postdoctoral affiliate status in Environmental Dynamics program to U of A students and faculty who are interested in environment networking opportunities. We hope that this will help to build bridges between the labs on campus, interact with ENDY faculty and students, and contribute by their presence within a growing interdisciplinary community. 

Affiliation does not bring you financial benefits, but it does not impose any obligations. This is not just a way to add a line to your CV. It is a chance build relationships and network with other like-minded scholars, above the level of each department. We would add affiliate postdocs to our mailing list, and invite them to attend talks and participate in other ENDY events.

The nomination/application process is very easy. A couple of sentence introduction/nomination from a UA advisor/mentor/PI (this person is not required to be a current ENDY faculty) and a CV. These will be reviewed by the ENDY Advisory Board.

Please submit nominations/applications to Peter Ungar at or Jo An Kvamme at Jo Ann Kvamme can be reached for more information or questions.

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